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Jennifer Ann Massey. Actress, Activist, Conservative… Wait. What?


You know how it’s really refreshing when from out of far left liberal Hollywood appears an entertainer who isn’t?

I’m so glad to have made friends with some of these entertainers that played heroes of mine! Like Dirk Benedict from Battle Star Galactica, and the A-Team.

And there’s Dwight Shultz From the A-Team. These were my favorite TV shows and characters!

Then I’d come to find out that those who played my heroes are conservative!

It’s like WOW!

Or when I find myself in a garage band with Gary Graham from Star Trek, and Alienation. Not only is he a killer actor, he’s conservative, and he likes to strap on a guitar and rock out with his friends!

Now a days a hero in the entertainment industry to me is one who comes out as a conservative republican.

And one of those heroes I’m blessed to call friend is Jennifer Anne Massey.
Steppin’ out as a conservative in the entertainment industry is career suicide.

Usually, you have to have some boo koo clout to come out of the closet as a conservative in Hollywood.

Massey loves acting. She’s good at it and the camera loves ‘er, but her country is worth risking her career for, to her.

Massey is a candidate for Deputy Los Angeles Region Vice Chair. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.  Massey and I have seen eye to eye on faith, patriotism, and the conservative interpretation of the constitution. So it’s not just as a friend that I’m letting you know of her and her candidacy.

Check her out and decide for yourself if she’s got what it takes to be supported for the office she’s seeking.

I can say from knowing Massey, her ideas of making a difference isn’t trying to be frivolously different for the sake of making a change.

The liberal approach complicates things for the sake of them looking like they’re enlightened and that they’ve got all the bases covered with their “massive” intellect.
Massey is creative with common sense, making things simple and effective.

Her interest is genuine, and she understands what it is to be in touch. She wants to retain that quality in her desired office.

I usually don’t have much to say about people running for office. I’m about promoting conservatism, not candidates.

I try to put conservatism out there the best way I know how, and leave it to the person seeking an office to step up to fit the model.

But Massey’s support of my work with PJTV and my band 20 lb SLEDGE is just what you’d expect of not just a friend but someone who understands the importance of supporting the creative effort to promote conservatism in the culture.

She’s usually at our shows, bringing friends, and letting people know about my work on PJTV, and includes me as an example that conservatives are everyday people, who want to have fun after working to provide a service, and want people to enjoy being an American without doing it at the forced expense of others.

Like I said, I usually don’t offer this much toward a person seeking office, But what can I say?


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