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Saturday Stuff: March 15, 2014


Bob Parks Black & Right: Boneheads of the Day
Whites unwelcome at college diversity ‘happy hour’
Ever notice how progressive “diversity” always seems to invite more divisiveness? More of liberal hypocrisy and cowardice on display.

Bob Parks Black & Right: FlashBack of the Day.
Senator Obama was against Executive Orders before he was for them…

TRIFECTA: End of the American Dream? The Current State of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
In this three part Trifecta, Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott examine the state of the American dream. Is the American dream alive and well, or has it been replaced by the progressive nightmare of excessive regulation and collectivism? Find out.

TRIFECTA: The End of the American Dream: Is America Trading Prosperity for Free Giveaways?
In part two of its three part series examining the American dream, Trifecta asks whether the nation is trading true prosperity for government goodies. Is the American dream dead? Find out.

Glen Reynolds INSTAPUNDIT:World on Fire: Ukraine, Russia, Syria and Venezuela Turmoil Explained.
Want insightful analysis of the crisis in Ukraine? Confused about the problems in Venezuela? Then click here as Glenn Reynolds hosts retired Col. Austin Bay on this InstaVision.

Bill Whittle AFTERBURNER: Gulliver, Unbound
In this Afterburner, Bill Whittle examines the Crimea situation–should we be panicked about damaging our relations with Russia? Not really. No thanks to Obama and his cronies, the US has developed its own energy sources, and built up its own oil/gas resources, so that we (unlike Europe) don’t rely on the Ruskies. Energy has, and will continue to, spur a modern society, and bring innovation to our civilization; but we need not rely on Russia for it.

Cat want food! Cat don’t get food..


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