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Thursday Stuff: March 27, 2014


FROM PJTV: “ZoNation Turns 5! Zo Reflects on His Years at PJTV
It’s been five years of ZoNation on PJTV! The mastermind behind the one-of-a-kind rants, skits and musical parodies reflects on some of the highlights over the years. Also, if you get the importance of connecting conservatism with the culture be sure to LIKE his band                             20 lb SLEDGE on FACEBOOK! Rock is a very influential medium, so help inject faith and patriotism into it! Support Zo’s band, 20 lb SLEDGE!”





Bill Whittle AFTERBURNER: A Modest Proposal for Green Energy.
In 1729, Jonathan Swift sarcastically called for the eating of the young, so they could feed the Irish poor. He would be glad to know that we are in a progressive era, where the murder of babies for use as a resource wouldn’t be tolerated…oh wait…in the UK, they are using aborted fetuses to heat their hospitals?!?!? Join Bill Whittle as he analyzes this atrocity, in this episode of Afterburner.

Obama Supporters Petition to Repeal the FIRST AMENDMENT. Seriously! Watch!

Glenn Reynolds INSTAPUNDIT: Recovery? What Recovery?!? Hear Why the Next Housing Bubble Could Be Ready to Burst.
Employment is down and fewer people are working. Is this what a recovery looks like? Of course not. Hear why as Glenn Reynolds talks to Terry Jones and Andrew Malcolm of Investor’s Business Daily about the Obama recovery. Also, are we in the midst of another housing bubble? Hear the answer.

TRIFECTA: Political Brain Drain: Are All Politicians Stupid, or Just American Politicians?
Trifecta continues its examination of American political stupidity by asking whether all politicians are stupid, or just the ones in the United States. British politicians, irrespective of party, appear witty and well-informed. So what is wrong with American politicians like Joe Biden, who seem so dumb that they have become late night comedy laugh lines? Find out.

TRIFECTA: Political Brain Drain: Why Are Politicians Becoming Dumb and Dumber?
Ever wonder why our politicians seem to be getting dumber by the minute? Were you baffled by Rep. Hank Johnson’s (D-GA) fear that Guam might capsize, or by GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin’s (R-MO) bizarre comments on rape? Then tune into part one of Trifecta’s three part examination of American political stupidity.


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