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To KickStarter. Is Exposing Gosnell Worse Than His Actions?

GREAT! Right when I mention that I’ll be moving forward with my story “The Flood Chronicles: Roots of the Curse” and starting a KickStarter campaign for it, I find this out!

Phelim Mcaleer and Ann McElhinney ( Creators of FrackNation )
Got targeted by KickStarter because KS has issues with the language used by Mcaleer and McElhinney concerning their project based on Abortionist, Kermit Gosnell.

I can appreciate a company having the right to refuse service to anyone and how a company wants to present themselves.

All though a company has to be careful with that because they can exercise that right for the wrong reasons and sabotage their business for alienating people for stupid reasons.

A company has the right to say, “No shoes, No Shirt, No service.”

Just as it has the right to say, We don’t like the content of your project and the language you use to describe it. Therefore we don’t want to lend our services to you lest you alter it.

I wouldn’t call it censorship. It’s selective. It’s discrimination. It’s contradictory. It’s hypocritical, but it’s also their prerogative and their business.

Call me too literal, but censorship as I understand it is when the government abridges your speech especially when that speech is a redress of grievances against them, but not when a business doesn’t allow you to use their services to promote your ideals.

But being that KS is a service that is supposed to be an environment for the exercise of promoting your creativity, It’s apparently discrimination, selective, contradictory, and hypocritical for them to target McAleer and McElhinney. Especially in light of the other projects KS allows to use their services.

KS claims the language of McAleer and McElhinney upset KS’s Community Guidelines.

If in a short time their project raised over $200,000.

That doesn’t look like an upset community.

That looks like a community that’s happy to see this movie get made, and KS got a case of butt hurt because this movie puts a foot in their world view.

So as it is, I’m not too crazy about the idea of using KickStarter to acquire funding for the project I mentioned in my commentary, but whatever service I go with, your support will be a mucho blessing!!!

God’s speed to Phelim and Ann for their work on exposing the evil of the abortion industry personified in Kermit Gosnell.

Here’s the video I mentioned my story in while commenting on the 2014 movie, “Noah”.


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