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It’s Friday, But Sunday’s Comin’



There’s been a few takes on the “Sunday’s Coming” Sermon by Pastor S.M. Lockridge. Here’s a version of my own. Have a blessed weekend!!

It’s Friday, Y’all.

And we look to Sunday with With a blend of joy, hope, and dash of terror.

A frightful joy and hope that Mary knew when an angel told her

she was carrying the son of God,

matched by the terror of having to tell Joseph that she’s a pregnant virgin.

But Like Abraham, Mary had to remember the nature of the Lord.

Just like Abraham bit down on that fear like it was a rag in his mouth

as if part of him was being amputated.

Mary had to rise above her fear and trust that the Lord would deliver on the Word that was given to her,

and you know with examples like that we can make it through.

Because it’s Friday.

But Sunday’s coming.

But Oh how restless we can get when we wait for Sunday to come.

No matter how much the Lord gives us to be thankful for.

Even when the Lord showed His glory with the israelites –

they went Golden calf worshiping crazy just waiting for Moses to return after 40 days.

The generations since Jesus gave His life on the cross have been waiting for over 2000 years.

And after so many generations it’s understandable that Sunday may start to sound like Some day, and that Some Day starts to look like Some Day that ain’t coming.

But It did come.

Jesus proved it.

And the Sunday that we know is coming won’t just be any ol’ Sunday but it will be the Son’s day.

And when I consider a King who’s love for us is stronger than the grave,

I can say assuredly that it’s Friday…

But Sunday’s coming.

I know often times we want the Lord to deliver like Dominos pizza.

Hot and fresh blessings with everything on it in thirty minutes or less from the time we place our prayer order.

“And remember Lord,

your tip, I mean tithe

is pending on your delivery.”

It’s funny how in this country people can be complacent about the government taking 1st fruits before the faithful can even make their tithe to the Lord.

Too many even vote for the government to take more of our 1st fruits – forcing us to give our 1st fruits to the government before making our offering to the Lord.

This institutionalizes the violation to put other god’s before God,

as well as violating your right to property by taxing your income.

This is a violation of your right to free religious exercise.

And with these violations against the Almighty who has blessed us with a constitution-

that when followed conservatively protects our God given rights instead of taking liberties with it to justify the violations of our God given rights –

can it be any wonder that the plague of discontent and economic uncertainty is gripping our nation?

But to those who have institutionalized their covetousness and positioned the government before God and gave the government the power to take the fruits of your labor before God gets his cut,

I say it’s Friday.

But Sunday’s comin’.

Some will try to say, “But your Bible says render under Caesar what is Caesar’s.”

Which means they believe we’re supposed to let the government take what it deems owed.

But if our government is supposed to be Caesar,

then I’ll remind you that Caesar assumed to be a god.

What Jesus was trying to point out to them was their violation of the commandment to no put any other god’s before Him.

And I know many out there are struggling to make ends meet,

and ya feel like the Lord may not be listening to ya when you’re praying to pay the bills.

But the Lord says ‘I have listened to the groanings of your nation,

but did you listen to me?

Because If you were really listening

you wouldn’t be letting Caesar, a false god who the covetous like to point to as your government has 1st take of what is supposed to be Mine.’

So as long as we continue to let Caesar take what belongs to God, our economy will continue to weaken faster, and it will get harder for many to make ends meet.

We may not be able to change that but I believe the Lord will remember those who speak up for what belongs to Him.

I believe He’ll remember who was silent, and those who try to justify why they didn’t speak up.

I believe He’ll remember those who try to justify taking what belongs to God for the government because they believe the government provides for them.

So I say with hope, but I also say with warning,

it’s Friday…

But Sunday’s coming.

Now, I don’t know what eggs have to do with the Lord,

but I can liken an easter egg hunt to this:

If someone is invited to an easter egg hunt

they can’t see the eggs right off, but they’re gonna hunt for those eggs.

They will because they have the faith that there’s eggs to find since the owner of the property told them they’d be there.

Well the owner of the whole universe has told us that He’s got over flowing blessings for us.

So if a kid can get excited about the promise of a decorated egg given by a person in a bunny suit,

then let’s be all the more excited about the promise of eternal life given by the Almighty God born to us in an earth suit.

We are the salt and light of a darkening and an increasingly tasteless world.

The wickedness of the days of Noah is in the earth’s future.

We can’t stop it.

Our job is to one, keep the faith, and two, share the gospel.

So if the world is gonna go down, may the faithful warriors go down swinging’ so the faithful can go up singing’.

So in the mean time we say

It’s Friday…

But Sunday’s comin’.

Jesus already proved it with His resurrection.

Friday was a hard day. for Jesus.

We like to say, “Thank God it’s Friday.”

Jesus was like, “Oh God it’s Friday.”

We look forward to Friday with “Humpday.”

Jesus looked forward to Friday sweatin’ blood.

For Jesus, Friday was a hard day.

A really hard day.

A lot of folks hate mondays.

How do you think Jesus felt about Friday?

Yup. we have rough days, and the road aheads gonna get even more rough for man kind.

But if we can just keep in mind the work that Jesus did we can truck on and say,

It’s Friday…

But Sunday’s comin’.

One of the biggest ills of the world is the well intentioned but ultimately hell bound ideals of those who wanna save the world.

It’s impossible to save the world.

Know why you can’t save the world?

Because you can’t save something that’s already been saved.

And the more people out there keep thinking they have what it takes to save the world while trying to be part of the so called solution without Christ, the worse the world gets.

Also, save the world more often means “Save the Planet” to those who love the Earth more than they love the One who created it for them.

So instead of trying to save the world,

the biggest favor we can do for the world

is remind it that it’s already been saved.

And just remember.

It’s Friday.

But Sunday’s coming.

When it doesn’t seem fair that the wicked prosper and the more decent suffer,

and ya wanna ask God why do ya allow this to happen?

May we remember that it isn’t about the evil God allows to happen in the world,

it’s about graciousness of God allowing us to lean on Him for strength in a cursed world.

My I remind you, before we question God about the suffering

please remember that this is earth.

This ain’t heaven.

Pain, suffering, greatly unbalanced and backward incidents of pleasure and pain,

along with highly distorted views of what’s fair and what isn’t lives here.

If this were heaven we wouldn’t have these problems, But this a cursed earth,

and the only thing that makes this world bearable

Is the love of the One Who gave His life one day, and came back on the third day-

proving when He says “I’m coming back”, He means it.

That’s why we can say.

It’s Friday.

But Sunday’s comin’.

We live in a world with a growing many who don’t believe in that resurrection,

and we have to bear with a world that doesn’t believe in the One Who bore that cross.

It’s a selfish and self righteous world to bare, that more more and more hates having to bear with us.

It’s a world with many that feels that it’s ok to make the child in the womb pay the death penalty for someones else’s “mistake”

It’s a world that tells you that same sex couples have the right make a church or business forfeit their free religious exercise using the power of the state.

They do this while at the same time hypocritically throwing a very shallow understanding of separation of church and state up to us.

It’s a world with too many who feel they are owed something,

and they want what they feel entitled to at the forced expense of someone else.

It’s a world where many don’t know good from evil, light from dark, and bitter from sweet.

The weight of that world is going to get heavier and heavier-

a taste of how the weight of that cross got heavier and heavier for Jesus with every step.

We gotta bear this world.

And maybe the only relief we’re gonna get from this world that we’re bearing will be a little bit like the relief that Jesus got when Simon helped Jesus carry the cross.

But if Jesus can not only carry that cross, and go through that trouble to come back from the land of the dead, then you know He’ll get you through the troubles of the cursed land of the living.

He can do that and bless you with peace, joy, and prosperity.

So with faith, love, hope, and gratitude

we say it’s Friday.

but Sunday’s coming.


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