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A Voter PSA From Zo

I’d like to do more to help candidates I dig, but I’ve realized that promoting candidates isn’t the answer.

Promoting conservatism is.

I keep seeing people try to promote the candidate in a culture that’s more and more being brainwashed into hating conservatives and republicans.

Which means they’re most likely going to despise what the candidate represents, or not even care, and it leaves republicans suckered into voting for the “republican” they think liberal voters might like better.

Which means votes based on “electability.” Which is a losing strategy, because that candidate either loses, or we end up getting a republican who’ll behave more like a democrat.
(Remember Arnold Shwarzenneger?)

California is in bad shape and people can look at republicans like Arnold and blame republicans.

But he didn’t uphold conservative principles in a liberal state to boot.

And republicans are about to get the same if they vote for Neel Kashkari.

Just a note, when you have a candidate that leans a lot on smearing their competitor like how Kaskari is doing to Tim Donnelly, then that shows me how much the smearer is trying to take the focus off of how much he himself sucks.

But rather than trying to defend Tim Donnelly and what Kashkari is trying to smear him with – leaving people confused and afraid to vote for the guy they’re afraid will lose – I’m going to promote conservatism.

That’s the main thing people have forgotten to promote.

And what’s worse – because people aren’t promoting conservatism it leaves it to be redefined. Liberals have done a great job of defining the conservatives, and shaping people’s perception of them.

And conservatives haven’t done a very good job at stopping them.

Some conservatives think we should drop the name conservative.

Why? So liberals can stigmatize the next label too because you’re not defending it and promoting it?

And liberals even get help from republicans doing it to themselves.

The idea of conservatism has been twisted and stigmatized to fit people’s selfish world view.

Kashkari is Wishy washy on gun rights, pro-abortion, pro-same sex marriage, voted for Obama and labels himself fiscally conservative while being a tarp administrator.

So conservatives, there’s a lot of work to be done in reclaiming what it is to be a conservative.

The economic problems we’re having are symptomatic. They are not the core of our problems. If people really want the economy fixed so bad they’d fix the problem causing it.

And what’s causing it is selfishness.

If you think you deserve to be bailed out at the forced expense of others, you’re selfish.

If you think you deserve to kill a baby, you’re selfish.

If you think marriage should be redefined to suit your orientation, you’re selfish.

These things are of the liberal mindset,

and when a person goes into represent this mindset in office, it translates into:

being liberal with taxing people,

liberal with spending the money they stole from the people,

liberal with borrowing,

liberal with imposing fees,

liberal with imposing regulations,

and over all being liberal with their power.

When you are liberal on social issues it will cancel out your so called fiscal conservatism.

The people will be forced to pay for the policies of selfishness.

This is what Neel Kashkari represents,

and I’m sick of having to pick from a crop of republicans like this.

Maybe if we’d put our foot down on what conservatism is for the sake of conserving our God given rights to keep for prolonged enjoyment in this republic, and promote conservatism and make it ROCK – we might start to see some conservatives take shape in the culture. We’d have a culture who’d be more receptive to them, and we’d have a more solid model to gauge them by.

Just Sayin…


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