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From Zo, To Israel, With Tough Love. (You’re Tough. You Can Take It.)

Untitled92No matter what it is, or how annoying, or even in the case of the issue surrounding Israel, I’m not one to say, ‘Hey singers! Shut up and sing!’ They’ve got 1st amendment rights too, even if they’re as young and naive as Selena Slomez. I Mean Gomez.

(Sorry, Selena. I was gonna say ‘Selena Sizzle’ to make your name pop! But in a tongue twist it came out Slomez.)

Even people like her have the right to speak their minds. You can call her a dumb dumb if ya want to, she still found a way to use her talents keep get the attention of
a lot of people.

Unfortunately she’s another celebrity lending her status to be part of a machine of destructive influence.


Thank God we’ve got entertainers like Jon Voight (Uncle Jon). 995504_10152277469687689_5860524010185547917_n

who can see what’s painfully obvious. (Mutual friends call ‘em Uncle John, but I’m the one who started it. ) 😉






While people like Roger Waters are Comfortably Numb to the situation, and would do well to tear down the Wall to let the light of reality shine on that Dark Side of that Moon He’s livin’ on.

Hamas goes into schools to set up rocket launchers.

Christians are going into schools to bring food.

Hell, a lot of times they even build the schools!

That’s how a lot of Christians donate their money.

Mulims get money in foreign aid and use it to buy weapons to attack people with to either destroy them or use them to threaten people to convert.

But Christians are evil because we’re trying to promote the gospel and tell people about Jesus!

How do we tell them folks about Jesus? By showing Him to Them.

How do we show Him to them?

Let’s start with some food. Let’s get some irrigation systems going. Let’s bring in medical treatment, clothes, education, etc.

But liberals see that as a greater evil than what Hamas is doing.

All the liberals see is Christians trying to fool people with Sneaky Jesus.

We fill their heads with Christian nonsense while we distract them by filling their bellies with gruel.

‘That’s evil and offensive, not sawing somebody’s head off for not converting to Islam.’

ISIS has waged assaults on Christians, but I reckon as far as the liberals are concerned Christians deserve it, so there’s no need to express any out rage about it.

These liberal celebrities are far out twisted and confused as they’ve become the very thing they claim to hate.

They act like they hate the nazi’s and Hitler so much, yet they vote for democrat representatives that push for policies reflective of nazism, and now they’ve become accomplices of propaganda against Israel.

They’re going down the same road Hitler used to justify killing 6 million jews, and that’s not including the other people he had killed, and these liberal celebrities think they’re enlightened. (Hitler was pretty good at the media thing and propaganda too.)

Remember y’all, their industry is make believe. Their business is in producing fantasy. Unfortunately they don’t know when to clock out of the production of escaping reality.

I work in entertainment. It’s not an easy job. It may seem cushy, but it really takes hard work to dial in your talent to be able to keep people entertained as a career.

And that’s if you are even able to get the job! No other industry shuts the door in your face, or will hang you out to dry more than the entertainment industry.
These liberal entertainers like to pat themselves on the back for being such good persons because they point the finger at the corporations for laying people off –

As if the entertainment industry isn’t the worst offender of saying, “Yeah, we’re done with ya”

Might I add, while having the biggest compensation gap between performers and crew.

And for all that hypocritical talk that liberals yammer about, shouting, “Equal work! Equal pay! Equal work! Equal pay –

you can see that’s a bunch of B.S. with the obvious example of when you work on set and see union extras and non union extras.

They do the same flippin’ job!

Are they paid equally?

Hell no!

They don’t even eat equally when catering comes in!

And the non union extras are suckered into believing that this industry that has SEGREGATED them are champions against segregation??? BWAAAHHAAAA!!!

On top of that, they think that once they become union they’re guaranteed work. And you liberals think it’s the corporations that are doing people dirty and suckering people?

Nah, the entertainment industry and the unions hold the crown on suckering people and dangling that dazzling carrot of stardom or better livin’ in front of ya.

I point this out because these celebrities can’t even see their hypocrisy and the hypocrisy of their own industry, so it stands to reason that they can’t see clearly on the issue concerning the plight of Israel.

Now I’ll be the 1st to admit, that Israel has a long history of being knuckle heads and have repeatedly brought destruction on their own heads.

You read through the Old and New testament and you may find yourself thinking’,

“Israel! Seriously?! What the hell is wrong with you people?!

Over, and over, and over, over again, they’d always think that they can subscribe to some sort of spiritual model apart from God.

They’d embrace, Baal, Molech, the Ashera poles.
A lot of that hasn’t changed as many Jews still embrace Molech, because the majority of them are pro-abortion.

Even in Israel they’re pro-abortion, while they’ve got enemies surrounding them beset on wiping them off the earth, Israel is killing off their own population with abortion.

That’s like the black community blaming the white man for blacks only being 13% of the population, then walks into the abortion clinic voluntarily, put there by the democrats; the party they’re loyal to. Weird ain’t it?!

Jews are still worshiping the Ashera poles, as they have been huge panderers to the feminist movement.

Over and over again through out their history they embraced philosophies and false god’s apart from God, violating the commandment to not have any other god’s before Him.

God’s law doesn’t change.

People however, are always trying to amend and perfect laws, and keep making it worse!

God’s law is perfect. He is the author of the laws that sustain the universe, and the code writer of perpetuating life.

Remember you can’t have laws and codes without an author.

But for some reason, too many Jews keeps getting suckered into the belief that there’s a better way than abiding by the commandment to love God with all.

God doesn’t do this to be petty, or because He has a hissy fit over rejection, and just wants to be loved ‘cause He’s an ego maniac.

A big reason why God wants your love is this:

It ain’t so much for His sake. It’s for ours.

Because if you got your eyes fixed on loving Him, your eyes won’t wander to exact evil upon someone else.

To love God is to honor His commandments. keep your love on Him, and you will not steal, murder slander, commit adultery etc.

These things happen when you take your eyes off of loving God.

Money isn’t evil, but loving the money is, and when you make money your god you will do people dirty to appease your god.

You can make your own intellect your god, but in the process of your intellectual pursuits you may find certain ideas that you had yesterday are now outdated, and you may find yourself living by a new set of rules, ideals and so called values.

That’s inevitable as you update your intellect.

And when the rest of the population doesn’t keep up with your intellect and world view you may find these people disposable.

Thus that intellect you thought made you a pinnacle of humanity has actually made you a savage, as you wage genocide against people whom you deem as undesirables, the feeble minded etc. Sound familiar?

You’ll subscribe to the Darwwinian language of survival of the fittest as you fool yourself into thinking you’re evolving to something better.

Like I’ve said before, it happened in the garden.

Let’s eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, cause that’s more appealing than the Tree of Life, and what followed was death. Even when they were warned that death would follow.

Puruse knowledge of course, but have a taste for life 1st!

Anyway, God’s law. Those ten commandments don’t change. It’s a perfect law and value system, and you cannot write a better law. Even if you’re George Carlin, who boasts that he reduced the 10 commandments down to two commandments or something.

Some how he missed that Jesus already fulfilled that around 2000 years before George did.

And the model of how to be a good neighbor is still the 10 commandments. Jesus didn’t throw out the 10 commandments. He demonstrated the proper applications of them.

Now Y’all, I’m not saying that Israel has this coming to them.

That’s not my point. Every civilization has a population of people that thinks they can do things better apart from God, or has a population of those who think of themselves as godly, while taking His name in vain, twisting His word to justify imposing upon other people.

What I’m saying is the Bible tells you who Israel is, and pulls no punches. And if you try to read the Bible on your own understanding, you could very well find yourself hating the Jews. It takes the Love of God to be your guide in understanding the history and spiritual implications of it.

Without it, you’ll miss that one of the biggest problems with the Jews was that they kept falling under the oppression of wanting to be like the rest of the world of other people.

Which means there’s no reason to single out the Jews to hate, cause the other nations were doing evil too. The Jews just wanted to be like them for some weird reason.

Evan Sayet gives great insight into why Jews are liberal and tend to vote democrat. (Which I think is weird for them to vote for a party that founded the KKK.)

Might I also add that if one wants to explore the origins of this, look in the old testament.

When the Jews were being lead to freedom they cried out that they’d rather be slaves in Egypt, because they couldn’t see freedom through their fear. They have a long history of having ideals that lead them to be governed by oppressive factions, and when they get what they want, they end up horribly regretting it. (The example of the Jews describes a lot people. Period; People who don’t know how good they got it. But Jews had it real good, cause God chose them to dwell with)

They’d cry out to God to liberate them from oppression. God liberates them, and then they’d take God for granted, and turn their affections back to false gods. They’re ideals lead them back into oppression, and they cry out to God again. And the cycle continues.

Maybe this started in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were told not to eat the forbidden fruit, which was most likely a Fig, not an apple. When they sinned they didn’t grab apple tree leaves to cover up. They grabbed fig leaves.

Figs tend to be associated with Israel in the Bible.

Adam and Eve were created to have a close relationship with God. Close enough to be created in His image. Yet despite how tight they were meant to be with God, they got suckered by Satan who accused God of holding out on Eve. He played to her feminism, (just as liberals do) And then Satan used the woman to influence the man, and Adam sinned following her lead. (Don’t get mad feminists. Eve followed the lead of Satan, a male figure. There. Males are bad. Feel better?)

They had it as good as anybody could get it, but they still turned themselves over to an oppressive agent. They partook of forbidden fruit and then tried to cover themselves with the leaves of the forbidden fruit!!!

Kinda like how people do foolish things, and then try to cover it up by doing something else foolish. Don’t we see that all the time? We can look to the Obama administration as a great example.

These Leaves were from a fig tree. Figs are indicative of Israel, and just like Adam and Eve had a close relationship with God, and would take it for granted, the Jews would do the same.
If you’re asking why do Jews vote for oppressive factions it’s because like many of us-

Many think they can exist just fine or better without God. We believe that freedom is satisfying our own desires, when in reality it leads to oppression, because people forget that there is a balance to freedom.

However, because of selfishness, people feel like they’re being oppressed if they’re not free to do what ever they want, not caring that wanting all the freedom to do whatever – will come at the forced expense of others which leads to institutionalized oppression.

Adam and Eve ignored what would upset the balance of freedom, and didn’t care who it would cost.

To continue.

Israel wasn’t embracing who they were with God.

Perhaps Israel wanted the freedom to do whatever satisfied their flesh like other tribes did. But people don’t seem to learn that giving into every desire doesn’t liberate. It leads to oppression.

Israel kept trying to emulate others that were apart from God. Over and over again. At a point God was even like, “Ok. If you want to be like them, I’ll lead them to rule over you.

Jews got to a point where they were eating their own children like the other tribes were when God left them to their desires to be like other tribes apart from God.

It was justifiable in the minds of other tribes to have that kind of disregard for life. This is why God would have Israelites put these tribes to the sword.

For a couple of reasons: These oppressive tribes were far gone with idol worship and self justifications to do detestable things. Child sacrifice, sexual entitlements, pederasty, homosexuality, beastiality, cannibalism etc.

Just like today we see islamo-fascists sacrificing their kids to appease Allah.

This ain’t like sending your kid to war to fight. This is just blow my kid up on the alter of propaganda to appease allah.

In the old testament, God told Israelites to put certain tribes to the sword and said, You’ll have to kill all of them. You  can’t even take slaves. I don’t want their women influencing the men of Israel. (Just as Eve influenced Adam.)

And I don’t want their children maintaining an attachment to the culture of their mothers and growing up to erode Israel from within.

Do ya notice how muslims are breeding in a population to take over Europe?

Notice how some people come to America, yet hate America, and their children despise America, while having a sense of patriotism for their parent’s country, thus contributing to the unraveling of the fabric of America?

BAhhhhh! The Bible was written thousands of years ago, It’s warnings are meaningless to keep that stuff from happening today. 😉

Now liberals are gonna say, “What’s your solution, Kill the immigrants? And accuse me of being a xenophobe who hates immigrants.

Nope. 1st. Immigration makes America the beautiful and colorful nation it is. My problem is with people who want to come to America but don’t want to be Americans, or try to change America into the oppressive country they ran from.

2nd. The commission of Christians is to spread the gospel. However, Jesus said, “I didn’t come to bring peace, but a sword.” This is because the Truth, as beautiful as it is, tends to tick some people off, and they want it destroyed.

They will bring their swords against the truth. And the Truth is, The Truth shall set you free. And that truth is an enemy to the lie that says, “You are not free. Now, convert or die.”

Another reason why God told Israel that you have to kill them all including women and children is because of the same example we see today thousands of years later.

Israel will have to kill the women and children of their enemies because their enemies put their women and children in the way.

The cowardly enemies of Israel demonstrate the same disregard for life as the enemies Israel has always had.

If Israel doesn’t defend themselves they will be destroyed by enemies who place weapons among children and civilians.

Israel isn’t targeting people. They’re targeting the weapons they’re enemy is using to kill them, but those weapons are placed among civilians and children.

And You think Israel is the bad guy?

This is another reason why God would tell the Israelites, “You’ll have to kill all of them.” It’s because they’ll have to go through their children, cause they’re going to put their children in the way.

However if you don’t, your enemies will destroy you, and they’re evil will spread across the Earth. This has been the kind of evil Israel has faced.

Israel has had to defend themselves from enemies like this for centuries, and also against people who are suckered into believing that Israel just gets their rocks off on killing other people’s children.

No. It’s the evil of their enemies who are so filled with hate that they would put their children in the line of fire and see them destroyed because they know suckers like the liberal elitists will buy into it, and throw themselves onto the scene to promote anti-Semitic propaganda.

Man. these are some serious developments concerning Israel,

and just after one of those blood moons too.

I can understand people poo pooing this as sensationalism over a coincidence, but that is one cosmic coincidence. Oh, and there’s three more including a solar eclipse which represents a global warning. See what I did there?

Thanks for reading! If you like the message in them then You’ll have a BLAST nukin’ the liberal Narrative with my audio book of Christian Conservalicious profundus, written and read by Me! WEAPON OF A.S.S. DESTRUCTION! CLICK HERE OR IMAGE AND CHECK OUT SOME REVIEWS, AND GET YOUR COPY!!!


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