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Two things I really dig doing are music and martial arts. Rock stardom was my dream. My mom kept hounding me to go to church if I wanted to find good musicians to form a band with.

I always rejected that because I thought “I was to cool to play with whom I thought of as Jesus freakin’ dorks.”

Around 1995 I was considering looking to study a different form martial arts. A friend recommended a school. I went to investigate. I met Sifu Dr. Cazares and was amazed at the science of human to human combat he instructed.

He would then tell me, “Your martial arts training will mean nothing without Jesus Christ.”

I didn’t want to hear that. Just teach me how to kick Butt. However, what my instructor said stayed with me. I became one of his highest ranking students, but the most valuable lesson I would take away from years of study, even at Red Sash 2nd degree, would be what he told me early on at white Sash. “You need Jesus, Grasshopper.”

As a musician I was like a lot of players pursuing stardom. A glory seeker. My interests were in gratifications that were apart from God.

The next piece of the puzzle in me coming to Christ was writing a story based on Noah, and the Biblical flood.

I grew up watching Battle Star Galactica, and was inspired to do a story like it based around the Deluvian event.

Mind you. I was not a believer. I didn’t hate Jesus, or think He didn’t exist. I just bought into the idea that He was just a great teacher, but not Divine. However even though I didn’t accept His Divinity, I was defensive of Him. I didn’t like people bashing Him.

The more I studied the story of Noah, the more interesting the word of God became. I had to study the story of Noah to try to make my story plausible, but the feeling started to set in that it was selective of me and hypocritical to try to make Noah real for my story, but not accept the reality of Jesus for my life.

The last piece of the puzzle was social / political. I understand that some may be offended by this aspect of my testimony but this is at the nitty gritty of my seeing Christ as King. The following are the observations that squared my faith. I know politics is a taboo subject with many. I don’t like it myself, but i also don’t like it that people use politics to infringe on the God given rights of others, and I would not be of service to my Lord if I did not help set the record straight about the freedom He’s blessed us with to protect against those who impose policies that upset the balance of freedom that leads to tyranny apart from God.

There are things that I would learn through the study of Noah that would make me see people differently, and how I would need God with me to understand folks.

like most musicians and various artist in or seeking to be in the entertainment industry ,I bought into the liberal world view and what democrats use as voter attraction tools; tolerance, acceptance, civility, if it feels good do it, abortion is ok, Same sex marriage is ok, the government should provide etc.

In the world of musicians and many entertainers in the industry the liberal world view is widely embraced. But if you disagree with their world view, they became anything but tolerant, and civil. They become hostile.

I realized that liberals reject God. Their world view is apart from His, and liberals that claim to be Christian violate His commandment to not take His name in vain, as they use His name to justify their world view.

The worst examples of this is when the democrats took liberties with the Bible to justify keeping slavery “legal” in America. The democrat represented confederacy was engaged in war with the republican represented union who were beset on abolishing slavery.

When the confederacy lost, the democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan, who continued to take God’s name in vain as they proclaimed to be Christian. They twisted the name of God to justify their hate.

Through out the democrats history they’ve used slander and coercion to advance their policies.

I would question the world view of my liberal friends and they would become angry with me, and call me a “wanna be black republican, a boot lickin’ uncle tom, as sell out, and and a white washed house n**ger.”

I hadn’t even considered my self a conservative republican. I was just asking questions as a liberal, cause I thought liberals were supposed to be open minded.

and when I would ask them why are they democrats, they would just start accusing republicans of things.

I’d say, “I didn’t ask about what republicans did, I’m asking what makes you a democrat?”

But they would just resort to prejudice and accusations of republicans.

And it hit me from my studies of Noah. I remembered discovering that the name of Satan means the Accuser.

I’ve always heard democrats accuse the republicans of being warmongers, but our biggest wars were engaged in under a democrat’s administration. Like WWI WWII and Viet Nam.

Republicans are always accused as being a the ones who would bring nuclear war, but the only atomic bombs the U.S. ever used was during a democrat’s administration.

Republicans are always accused of being racist and if you vote for them, black churches will burn.
But the ones who were bombing black churches were the KKK; The terrorist arm of the democrat party.

The ones marching for civil rights were hosed and had dogs released on them by the lead of Bull Conner; Democrat, and member of the KKK.

It was even a democrat who shot and killed Martin Luther King.

People say the democrats have changed. They haven’t. The democrat president LBJ said I’ll have those N-words voting democrat for the next 200 years. The way the democrats control the minority groups now is through the education system, and entitlement programs. Indoctrination and buying the loyalty of minorities through unconstitutional means at the forced expense of others.

And their greatest weapon is also satanic, because they slander conservative republicans to advance their policies.

False accusations destroy relationships, and nations.

Satan’s accusation against God lead to the destruction of man kinds relationship with God, which could only be repaired by the destruction of the Body of Jesus.

They accuse conservative republicans of being anti woman because conservatives are pro-life. The feminist believes the summit of female power is the ability to take judgement in her own hands and cancel life in the womb.

Because we oppose this they feel we’re anti woman.
Thou shall not murder, and No person shall be deprived of life without due process of law. What Crime did the kid commit to receive the death penalty?

They accuse republicans of being anti-gay because we’re pro-traditional marriage.
We have the right to free religious exercise, that’s the 1st right of the 1st amendment. The LGBT Community is free to pursue their happiness, but nobody’s pursuit can come at the forced expense of another person’s rights.

They accuse conservatives of being money hungry and greedy because we oppose income taxes. Income taxes are a direct violation of our right to property, and allows the government to take of our fruits before we can make our offering to God, thus it violates the commandment to not have any other gods before Him.

Caesar is a false God, and to pay tribute to him is to pay tribute to a graven image and placing another god before God. We aren’t meant to render to Caesar anything. The government can tax according to excises imposts and duties, but not income.

Jesus allowed Himself to be taxed by the government, but He also allowed Himself to be tortured and killed by the government. Neither of which was ok. Jesus healed, people, and fed people without involving the government. The government killed Him,

and the liberal government today is trying to get rid of Him again.

I started seeing examples of these things crescendo all too clearly around 2008 before I became a Christian. I still fought it, but I was still not at peace. I was losing my martial arts school. My band broke up, my marriage was collapsing. Everything I deeply loved was vaporizing. I was failing and failing others,
and after years of heading down hill, I hit bottom in a shallow pool of my tears with my wife calling out to Jesus for me.

I finally yielded to my mom’s request to play drums in church.
Before my school closed, I decided to set up a camera and started making comments on things happening socially and politically. The videos went viral on youtube. They eventually caught the attention of people like Gary Sinise, Andrew Breitbart, and Bill Whittle. This lead to PJTV inviting me to be a part of their team.

I was filming equestrian events and I was working in construction at the time and doing demolition work. I was using a sledge hammer to bust down a brick wall.

I harkened the work to being like busting down the wall of my ego that separated me from Christ.

So I called my band 20 lb SLEDGE, and we’ve been sledging ever since!

The Lord took my life that I though I could make a great experience with but was just ruining, and dragging my wife with me. He renovated it. He is the force of peace, joy and prosperity.

He lead me out of an unredeaming struggle. He put the talents He gave me to work, when I was trying to work to satisfy myself.

He helped me to understand that we don’t just get to enjoy having freedom, it has to be maintained, protected, and conserved for prolonged enjoyment. Because there are those who will be corrosive agents to it.

Unfortunately, much of the church has been convinced to avoid the process and democrats are banking on it, and they’re using the political process to strip America away from God.

Now people see politicians as all the same, and a lot of that is true. They’ll get worse if decent people do nothing, and try to avoid it. It’s ok for God to guide or lives but not how we vote?

People may be the same but the platforms are not. One platform institutionalizes what is apart from God and antithetical to the 10 commandments, the other party doesn’t.

Unfortunately within the party that stays closest to the constitution and the 10 commandments there are deviants. Just like Judas was a deviant.

That’s not a fault of the republican platform, it’s a fault of people being deviant.

And if folks aren’t careful, our God given freedoms will be voted away from us.

It’s happened through out history. I saw these things before I became a Christian, and thought I could help resolve it with my own intellect. I gave God no credit for my insight, and failed miserably. When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and King, and realized that my talents and insights were are given by Him, and that He would guide me on how to apply what he endowed me with, my life didn’t do a 180 degree turn, it did a 90 degree vertical.


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