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War Paint – Intellectual Froglegs N7

This week, America’s favorite Unicorn Chef—me, and part-time office chair inspector—also me….whips up a tasty portion of unsaturated sea-salted, political commentary guaranteed to satisfy the pickiest connoisseurs of conservatism…or not.

The ‘Land of the Free” is collapsing from within…

Now in addition to our plummeting freedom rankings across the board (Freedom of the Press, Economic Freedom, et al) in a new global ranking, the US tax burden, based on, among other factors… cost and complexity—is among the worst in the Industrialized world.

We have a duty…if not for ourselves, for future generations to get off our asses and fight. Speak out if you’re not… volunteer if you ‘re able, and donate if you can…. DO SOMETHING. This November’s election is just around the corner.

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