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Zo’s Libertarian Follow-Up: Responding to the Commenters

Side note to libertarians who keep saying “Not all libertarians are pro-abortion. Many are pro-life.” They’ll point to Ron Paul who’s an OBGYN, who’s delivered thousands of babies. So? OBGYN’s also perform abortions too. So being an OBGYN doesn’t automatically make you pro-life. The following is the typical libertarian idea of “Pro-life”. “I am against abortion personally. But what a woman does with her body is her business, and it’s her choice.” Just want to be left alone, right?

Or libertarians who are “pro-life” typically think that abortion should be decided on state levels. That is not pro-life. The right to LIFE is inalienable. It is a supreme law of the land, and no state can ignore it and have a court ruling that can deprive another human being the right to live without due process. The same thing with slavery. The supreme law of the land says you can not deprive a person of their liberty without due process, and no state can ignore it and have a court ruling that says they can deprive another human being of liberty without due process and have a slave market.

If a state is free to violate another person’s God given rights then what would characterize us as being the “United States”? We’re united under the truth that we’re all created equal with certain inalienable rights. And if each state can rule against that truth, then what kind of union do we have? So I don’t want to hear how you think you’re pro-life. You’re not. Some libertarians I know are adamantly pro-life, and even more so than some “Christians” or “conservatives” I know. But a lot of libertarians I encounter are inconsistent on their concept of pro-life. Instead of being angry with me for calling out libertarians, maybe y’all should start calling out them fruit loops calling themselves libertarians who are blowing it for you. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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