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The Mike Brown Outrage Is About As Genuine as a Stolen Hair Extension

So, I see that people feel like there was no justice because Daren Wilson wasn’t indicted.
What’s the matter? Stores being looted and burned ain’t enough justice for ya?
Kinda greedy aren’t ‘cha?

Mike Brown was a thug and a bully with parents who should have put as much energy into raising
him right, as they did putting energy into going as far as the UN to blame others for what
went wrong.

Ignore that he was a bully and a thug, who looted a liquor store before the looting started after he was shot.
Ignore that He was out in the middle of the street before others took to the street after he was shot.

No matter what color you are, if you’re out walking in the middle of the street, a cop will stop you.

Not only was Brown in the middle of the street, Daren Wilson was following up on his description
as the guy reported to have robbed a liquor store.

He had probable cause. Mike brown reacted violently to the stop. Assault is a crime. Assaulting a cop is a crime.
You can’t just walk away from assault without answering to the law.

Was Darren Wilson supposed to just let him leave? He robbed a liquor store, assaulted the clerk, assaulted a police officer,
and demonstrated himself as a menace, and people are outraged because he was met with deadly force? Yes an unarmed person can be shot if they demonstrate lethal aggression. You don’t need a weapon to be lethally aggressive.

His actions threatened the well being of a police officer. His thuggish, unruly acts are reflected in the rioters who are destroying communities and
using his death as an excuse when they don’t even give a damn about him in the 1st place.

The rioters themselves are a testament of the kind of mentality the cops in these areas are dealing with. They bring police aggression on themselves.

Let’s burn down the business of a contributor in the community in the name of a taker in the community. That’s justice to these people?

Oh, but I’m black. I’m not supposed to say that. I’m just supposed to always make the excuses for black folks that sinks us deeper into the hole.

And if I don’t, I’m just trying to get favor from white folks. Funny, these same people don’t seem to complain about the fund raisers thrown for obama by his rich white friends.

They whine about how it’s racist that some white people disagree with his policies but it’s not racist when Obama supporters call republicans who are black, uncle toms, house n*gers,
boot lickers, white man’s whores, etc. Nah that’s not racist and offensive, only disagreeing with Obama’s policies is.

This ain’t about justice.

It’s selfishness. Plain and simple.

These people are miserable, drowning in their own selfishness.

By what Mike Brown demonstrated he would have been one of those people looting. He would have been one of those people trying to tip over cars.

It’s such a shame that they’ll cooperate in destruction, but not come together constructively.

These people shout, “Down with the oppressive system!” Yet get the government they vote for, (and they’re not voting republican.)

Yet they curse republicans, like it’s the republicans fault, when republicans aren’t even in the majority office in their communities. It’s democrats.

These riots are just catharsis, and the release of the cheap thrill of getting away with something. There is no rational to it.

It’s bad enough that the policies of the democrats and Obama are job killers, and these people rioting are angry because they feel like they got nothing to lose. (Yes, they’re job killers, if they weren’t then the democrats wouldn’t always be pushing for more unemployment benefits.)

yet they make the job market even worse as they go and destroy the very places that give jobs. They screw themselves by thinking democrats are going to make things better for them, then screw themselves even more by destroying the businesses.

And don’t give me some crap about politics having nothing to do with this, because if these looters weren’t effected by the politics of this, they wouldn’t be shouting

“F*CK that B*TCH A** N**GA, Obama!

They’re saying this because they were expecting him to make their life better. They think democrats will make their lives better, and are violently disappointed because the democrats
aren’t spoiling them the way they expect them too. So don’t give me some crap about how you want to fool yourselves into thinking politics has nothing to do with this.

It’s just your denial that wants you to keep the truth from being uncovered about how the democrat party is the party of arrested development, and that you’ve been bamboozled.

Yet if we say, the power to make your life better comes through you, not the government, we’re racist or sell outs.

Some of these shops tried to pander to the the protesters with “Hands up Don’t shoot.” art- work. Those businesses were destroyed too. I hope these people learned their lesson. Ultimately your pandering
will not be enough to stop a mob. You encouraged the entitlement mentality and you paid the price for it.

I’m so sick of people like this in the black community who make us out to be a bunch of spoiled sissies. Michael Brown and these hoodlums embody the negative stereotypes stigmatized against us.

Mike Brown wasn’t some innocent kid minding his own business. He was a violent thug and a bully.

It’s disgusting that to many blacks, they feel like “Justice” would have been a white cop indicted for shooting a black man in self defense. It doesn’t matter that Mike Brown was in the wrong.

They just want to see a white person get indicted. That’s the “justice” they want. It’s warped and sad.


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