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Madison Rising and the Star Spangled Banner Challenge

Do I blast the National Anthem through my car stereo as I get my cruise on? No. It doesn’t mean I need to go dis the song and what it stands for though.

I guess since it’s too corny to bump in the club it’s not cool enough to keep singing and needs to be junked.

It’s a song we can all stand together with, and lift our voices with each other instead of against each other.
I’m not sure how that makes the song un-cool.

Liberals are always talkin’ about peace and togetherness. Well, the singing and/or standing with the national anthem is one of those things a nation does together, and liberals are the 1st ones to mock it here.

Not saying all liberals, I’m saying that when the anthem is mocked it’s usually done by liberals.

Then we have the purists who feel that the song is sacred or something, and you’re a heretic if you dare do a so called un-orthodoxed version of it.

Lighten up. It’s not a worship song.

They’ll say that the performers who do an un-orthodoxed version of the song are making it about themselves instead of actually revering the national anthem, or that popular singers only do it for marketing purposes.

I don’t think people like Christina Aguilera was looking to go #1 on BillBoard 100 with a Star Spangled single.

You can’t make the National Anthem about you. If you lend your talent to perform the song, no matter how much you stylize it you still applied your talent to perform the song.

There are thousands of songs out there that a performer could cover to showcase THEMSELVES, but for anybody who performs the Star Spangled Banner they know that the only reason why people are recognizing, stopping, standing, and saluting is because it’s the national anthem.

Nobody can really make the SSB all about themselves. Even if it’s done with all the so called urban yodeling that offends the purists. If that’s what’s in that person’s heart to sing the song the best way they know how, then so be it. They’re no threat to the song. The purists with a tight anal grip on the National Anthem who scorn against those who perform it outside of their orthodoxy are more of a threat to it.

We got people who are trying to get RID of the National Anthem, dangit! Be happy when someone performs it the best way they know how. It helps keep the standard version alive, with fresh blood!

I interviewed Dave Bray from the patriotic rock band, Madison Rising to tell us about their efforts to remind us that despite pop-culture taking America for granted, America rocks, and a good way to remind folks is by rockin’ the anthem!
Inspired by their passion, I did a version to show our support for the National Anthem as well, and invited Ava Aston with her groovy self to add her voice that’s a pretty as she is!
And if you don’t like it, then you’re just a mean person, grumpy! – Zo

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