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Finally! A Sci-Fi Sword Replica That Extends/Retracts Like In the Movies!

Hi! I’m AlfonZo Rachel! I dig Science Fiction! I developed a device for those who also dig Sci-Fi and I think you’re really going to want to possess one of these!
You can use it for your Light Side vs Dark Side of the force dueling pleasure, or create your own intergalactic futuristic story of good versus evil locked in a Laser Razor Duel!

See my GoFundMe Page! 

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I wanted to have this ready for y’all by the time the latest Star Wars movie came out. I have a working prototype but it’s crude. I wanted to display a more presentable prototype, but not only are designers expensive, but the ones I’ve encountered took up a bunch of my time and gave me the run around.

So I’m just biting the bullet and showing you my prototype to prove that the mechanics work, and that FINALLY ever since Star Wars first introduced the Light Saber back in the 70’s there is something that comes really close to the energy rod that extends from the handle for the battle at the push of a button, and retracts back into the handle at the push of a button when the battle is won!

This is gonna take role play dueling to a whole new level!!!

The Fling out telescopic glow rods that have to be pushed back in manually kind of tax the experience. ( A real laser blade would fry your hand!)

The glow rod that always stays protruded also taxes the experience because a real laser blade would burn your leg if it were carried on a belt.

Of course these things are fantasy, but if the role player really wants to get into the game, let’s bring the accessories a little closer to home!

And my invention does!

Basically it’s an auto extending auto retracting baton.

But for your Sci-Fi / Fantasy story it could be a Lighting Rod, Laser Razor, Laser Blade, Star Sword, etc.!

For my story, the Flood Chronicles, it’s called a Cinder-Blade!

Manufacturing ain’t cheap.

I reckon 3D printing can’t handle the volume and demand I’m hoping will be flooding in for this device!

It’s gonna take injection moldings or if we get into deluxe models with an aluminum handle for example that could cost some serious coin. BUT IT’S WORTH IT! You want this!

I’m hoping you will be the contributors, because I would really like to keep as much of this product made in America as much as I can. I know that’s a lofty desire now a days but I really hope I can at least play a small part in employing Americans to assemble the parts here.
And of course It will be designed to illuminate and have sound effects, and durable enough to do some role play dueling with!

The product will probably retail at about $150.00 – $250.00 depending on the make. (Plastic or Metal)

I’m shooting for $100,000 to get these manufactured.

Options I’m considering is partnering with someone to just make these custom made for enthusiasts,

or if The handlers of Disney / Lucasfilms merchandising want to lease manufacturing and retail rights and also pay me a royalty that would be awesome too! 😉

But Really, I’m counting on you! I feel super blessed to be able to share this idea with you!

Blessings to you and yours! Thank you for finding this worth contributing to, and I trust you’ll enjoy how it will enhance your Sci-Fi role play!


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