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Obama Not Serious About Syrian Refugees | ZoNation

Muslims shoot up France , but Obama wants to talk about the weather. Hear more in this ZoNation!

Thanks for watching! Hey! While you’re here and ready to share the vid ya just watched ;),

PLEASE Retweet and help the video of my invention below go viral!!! Please consider. Star Wars (and science fiction in general) is a HUGE market. And the liberals rule in it. Pretty how they basically rule in all entertainment media. Don’t y’all think it’s time to counter that instead of waiting for some political messiah to fix things for you, or “lead” you?

It is my passion to create entertainment media that is apart from the left. I want to tap into the pop culture with the the “Right” message using the tools the left has used to control much of the masses; entertainment media.

It’s really difficult to do because it’s so hard for conservatives to see beyond fussing over what candidate is worthy to lead them. Meanwhile liberals are using entertainment media to influence people to reject conservative representation anyway!

So this is what I’m trying to do. The Star Wars fans (which I’ll remind ya is a huge demographic) love LIGHT SABERS! Many of these fans have gone as far as to make a religion out of being a Jedi. These fans are obsessessed with making light saber replicas. But no replica has come as close to mimicking the action of a light saber as my sci-fi sword.

These fans long for the light saber user experience. They’d want this if more of them knew about it. Y’all the internet is so flooded with content that it’s really hard to get eyes on stuff that gets uploaded.

I really need your help in making this video VISIBLE! I’m trying to tap into the the sci-fi fan culture, and get them to crowd fund this invention. I want to use that budget to build my production company so as to produce more engaging entertainment media to more effectively infiltrate the culture. This way WE can connect with the culture and illustrate with Salt and light how our values work instead of depending on a political messiah to assume to do it.

If any of ya really understand what I’ve been saying for all these years, you won’t rest until this vid goes viral. You know that this invention is the replica that Star Wars nerds have been waiting for since Episode IV came out. If ya really understand what I’ve been saying about connecting with the culture, help make this vid go viral so as to help get contributors to help get this get made! This could be huge! Don’t miss being a part of making this happen! THANK YOU!
PLEEEEEEEEEZE SHARE! I’m counting on you to make this video visible so it will go viral. Sci-fi fans tend to be skeptical and cynical and may not gravitate to this unless it’s already buzzing!

And try to be a little creative when ya share it! Show the culture that conservatives have a since of humor! Heck we can take a joke way better than liberals can anyway!


NOTE: I’m not marketing this invention as a Light Saber. It’s my sci-fi sword. All though the invention resembles a light saber the mechanics and the nature of how mine operates is unique to any light saber replica or any other illuminated sword type device.

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