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The Right Tool.

The haters will say, “Yeah you guys are a tool alright.” That’s alright. Tools are useful, and we don’t mind being the “Right” tool for the “Right” job. And 20 lb Sledge should be in your tool shed.

Anyway Sledgers, we’re sad to say that we’ve gone through two singers and we’re hoping that the third times a charm when we find ‘em.

We hope that you’ll include us in your prayers that we’ll acquire a singer who can and will effectively do the Job while understanding that IT IS A JOB!

Sure, it’s a fun job but it’s still a job and it takes team effort and a responsibility to be ready to perform the job excellently.

The Devil is certainly against us and does not want us going forward with our grizzly soundin’ gospel. 😉

We’ve covered five states for our ten city tour and God willing we’ll continue the next half of our tour with a proper singer!

I’d like to give y’all some insight as to what 20 lb Sledge is, in case ya don’t know.
(Ha! Like I’ve said. Many have followed my work with ZoNation a long time and still don’t know i’m even in a band!)

20 lb Sledge is an assault on the Leftist, liberal, secular, and ethnocentric narrative.

As the band’s founder and producer my views are conservative and the ideals promoted by the music are from a Christian conservative view point;

conservative because we try our best to not take liberties with God’s word for the conservation and perpetuation of God’s blessings, as opposed to other “Christians” and secularists who selectively borrow God’s word to justify their own view – all of which are liberal with God’s word which results in violating other people’s rights in the assumed name of God. This violates the commandment to not take His name in vain.

We acknowledge that the conservative Biblical principle is the foundation of our Constitutional republic.

These are attitudes that are promoted in the music of 20 lb Sledge, and of course to always remind people that Jesus is the REAL LIFE of the party!

Though the music of 20 lb Sledge is written from a Christian conservative point of view, it’s not designed to just be listened to by the aforementioned.

We’re trying to reach others! We’re trying to help pass out the invitation that God gave to kick it in His Kingdom!

The invitation ain’t always received through preachin’. Gotta get people to the church somehow. That’s where the field agents come in to get the gospel out there in ways other people can relate to and receive it without changing the message.

Some people may receive the message if it’s delivered in music that they can relate to, or delivered through comedy, or through movies, TV series, etc. God tells us to be salt and light.

Preserve His word, be creative and make it tasty so people crave more and light the path that shows them who the Source is!

Those apart from God us this formula to get people to take their poison. Surely Christian Conservatives can use the Formula the Lord gave us to deliver the cure in His Gospel.

People often tell me “Zo! Run for office! I’d support you!”
That’s very nice of y’all, but no!
If ya really want to support me support my efforts with this!

Support the effort to creatively promote Conservative Christian values with style and gusto!

Politics isn’t what makes our country great. Please stop assuming that it takes politicians to solve things.

Using our God given talents to produce and provide good products and services is what makes us great.

And if we would promote these values in the culture more effectively we would raise up more people who would want political office to help guard our freedoms, instead of politicians who institute oppressive policies that hinder good development, and encourage a toxic entitlement victim oriented culture to keep them as a dependent voter stock.

We’re governed by our consent and the culture has been conditioned from pre-school through college, and by news and entertainment media that Christian conservatives are evil and stupid.

So a lot of the culture isn’t going to consent to such a governance.

So the groundwork has to be laid in the culture so more of the culture is more receptive to such representation.

Also, I’ve avoided promoting 20 lb Sledge as an all black rock band. I figure y’all ain’t blind or stoopid, y’all can obviously see for yourselves that we’re decedents of Cush. Ya don’t need that pointed out to ya!

But there is something that may need to be pointed out.

As mentioned earlier the objective is to Sledge against the leftist, liberal, secular, and ethnocentric narratives.

These narratives are a hindrance and corrosive to the American way of life.

According to this narrative, us being black and playing rock and roll is taboo. We’re supposed to conform to the stereotype that says we’re supposed to only play hip hop, R&B, or reggae.

On top of that we’re supposed to talk a certain way to qualify as black, we have to vote for democrats to qualify as black, etc. See a pattern here?

We’re supposed to conform to stereotypes to qualify as black, but if you stereotype blacks you’re a racist.

See how dumb and detrimental to our culture this has become? This is part of why we do what we do.

For so long afro-centrics have demanded that rock and roll is the white man’s music and then on the other side of their mouth say the white man stole it from the black man.

See how contradicting and stupid that is?

Everybody knows that the blues gave birth to rock and roll, and that the blues was born out of the black.

It’s not really white people who have been trying to shroud this and take credit for rock and roll.

It’s afro-centrics who do us this disservice and erase our history with rock and roll by insisting that it’s the white mans music.

We sledge against this!

There are of course many blacks who think outside the box musically and reject the idea that blacks have to conform to the prescribed formula of music, but often times even with them they still feel like they have to conform to certain narratives to keep their qualifications of being “authentically black”.

That’s not freedom.

But this pigeon holing is deep in the culture. When we go to play a club, we get it all the time.
“Are you guys a rap band? Are you guys a reggae band?”

We get white people asking us if we have any marijuana, and we’re like, “Why don’t you go ask people who look like you if they have some. It looks like you’re the ones who like to smoke it.”

But many in the black community have promoted and imposed this stereotype on themselves, and then get mad when you stereotype them on it. And God forbid ya profile them and pull them over asking if you can search ‘em.

“Yeah, Thug life! Smoke weed everyday!

They promote that image of themselves and then get mad when a cop wants to search ‘em on it.

This is what we Sledge against.

We know that a lot of Conservatives who are white are frustrated with all the race baiting and being accused of being racist at every turn.

It makes it a little harder for them to make that “racist charge” stick to you when you’re wearing the body armor of a shirt with four black guys on it.
or a shirt with Frederick douglas, or Booker T. Washington,

I see white conservatives groaning about white hiptsers wearing Che Guevara shirts.

I don’t blame ya but don’t complain about it.
Compete with it!
Find a Frederick Douglas shirt. and stuff your kid in it! Tell ‘em who he was and that Frederick Douglas had more of an understanding of freedom in his pinky than Che’ Guevara had in his whole dookie filled body.

But that’s one of the reasons we ask ya to promote our work.

We’re not just an all black rock band for the heck of it.

We’re trying to set the example of not letting people get shackled to a narrative and help free people from the oppressive thinking they’ve been programmed with, and step up to real freedom given my the Lord!

20 lb Sledge is an anomaly. Black guys playing rock, who are Christian, conservative, and straight edge. There’s lots of blacks like this!
But ya don’t often see them in a band together. (Musicians of all ethnicities pretty much lean left as it is.)

Wouldn’t you rather see more of that in the culture instead of the culture being inundated with the entertainment that too many are producing that breeds more and more toxicity?

Wouldn’t it be better to see more blacks in a band than in a gang and promoting a message that’s constructive instead of destructive?

Then we hope you’ll support us. You want this racist crap to stop? Stand with us and spread the word about us. Let’s make this cultural impact. You’re political representation will always be too unstable unless you have a foundation of cultural representation laid by you which is part of we, the people.

So we’d appreciate your prayers that we’ll find a singer who’s on the same page so we can get back to work!

In the mean time we are drafting the next album. Sorry it’s taking so long. Once again, it’s been delayed because we’ve been needing the right singer.

Thanks for reading! Hope you’ll share!

And thank you to the Sledger’s who already know what the deal is and support us!


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