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Praying That Y’all Receive This

Why this simple idea could be really important!

Alright y’all. I get it. Unless it’s political red meat my posts aren’t really gonna register on many folks radar.

If you’re reading this my prayers have been answered! Because unless my content is political red meat it doesn’t really reach many people. But for those who are more interested in just the politics this is more important than ya know.

I’m very grateful that so many wish that I had a bigger voice or platform.

Like having my own show on FOX News. I have my reasons for not pursuing that. One of the main reasons is I’m trying to connect with the culture with an angle they’re not expecting.

Having a show on FOX Already makes me an enemy to the culture we’re trying to edify. They would have a prejudice against me before I could even begin.

I so want to get more of my audience out of the political hallway for a moment and into the courtyard of the culture.

I’ll get to the point. I have an invention. I really need y’all to help spread the word about it.

I hope I don’t have to explain to y’all how huge Star Wars and science fiction is in American Culture.

If ya know how big Star Wars and Sci-Fi is then you gotta see the potential in my invention!

Nothing like what I’ve patented exists on the market, yet it is this device the Star Wars fans have been waiting for to be made since The 70’s!

Well I’ve made it! And I’ve been blessed with a pretty large audience to help tell folks about it! WORD OF MOUTH Y’ALL! But most of my audience only picks up on my political commentaries, and anything else doesn’t really register.

An auto extending and auto retracting sci-fi sword does not exist on the market. I’ve got the patent for it. I made one that works!!!

To many of y’all it may seem like a silly simple toy.

But have you seen how much a fan will geek-freak out over a mug that lights up light sabers when ya pour a hot beverage into it?

As mentioned earlier, many of y’all want me to have a bigger voice and platform.

This will help!!! If I can get this invention manufactured I can build capital towards establishing a production medium to create media that promotes ideals apart from what secularism is dragging us into. Make media that competes with what the left is always shoving in our face.

We could use media like music, movies, tv shows, webisodes, etc to promote what’s right with style and gusto!

Show the culture the Light that lights the way. Instead of the light the left shines into people’s eyes that blinds them of the way.

I’m not asking any of y’all for money. I’m just asking ya to share the video. Make it go viral! I have enough in my audience to do that! (But contributions are very welcome!) 😉

It want cost ya a dime, just a moment of your time. To infiltrate the sci-fi fan culture my invention needs to buzz before it gets their attention. Sci-fi fans can be skeptical and cynical! They may overlook this if it only has a few thousand views. They may write it off as a phony.

So please! I know ya may think this is kid’s stuff, and it’s not as important as politics,

But politicians ain’t gonna save our country.

It’s people developing ideas, jobs, using their God given talents to yield good products and services and using their capital to help promote an attitude of gratitude for being blessed to live in this republic.

Even the simplest of ideas can turn out great results!

Many of y’all came through for my band 20 lb Sledge! And we’ve been hittin’ the road rockin the gospel in different states, and we’ve been blessed to have people tell us that they never thought that they’d like christian rock, but they really like us!

We’ve heard people say they’ve never heard the gospel put like how we’ve put it in the lyrics, and that they wanna check out the Bible to see more of what it says!

Many of y’all have helped us to get out there and cast these seeds! LET’S KEEP IT UP WITH THIS INVENTION! THIS IS HUGE!!!

So Please share the idea in this vid. I’ll bet ya know someone who does really like science fiction. Share this with them! Thanks!


Here’s a shorter video showing just what the sci-fi sword does!

Here is the Go Fund Me Page: CLICK HERE


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