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This is How Much of a Sell Out I Am


This is how much of a sell out I am.

Many who follow my political videos may not be aware that I play in a rock band called 20 lb Sledge. This is discouraging because my videos repeatedly put emphasis on the fact that conservatives really need solid cultural representation if they want to sustain stable political representation.

This is why democrats have made such strides with instituting the policies that are eroding our republic; they’ve laid the cultural groundwork to do so, and a big part of how they’re able to do it so effectively is because they have used the black community to do it with.

The democrats are the the party that imposed the oppressive slave and apartheid policies on the black community in the 1st place, and now uses that history to keep blacks on their voter plantation, and has programmed many into believing it was other white people who did it to them.

It works because they keep many blacks so blind with anger and hatred that they can’t even see that the democrat party that oppressed them in the 1st place is the same party that’s using them now. And they have bought their loyalty with the seductive language of pandering and stoking their victim mentality. Oh and in several other cases with Cheese and peanut butter.

They’ll usher them into abortion clinics to kill off their own – to control their population, to make them a manageable voter stock, and convince them that their choice is “empowering”.

Along with that, Democrats push for policies that allow people to come into our country illegally and be afforded things at the forced expense of others, and if you protest this then you’re a supporter of jim crow laws, (The very laws that democrats imposed in the 1st place)

The democrats use the black community to push the homosexual agenda. And if you disagree and say that you should not be forced to endorse same sex marriage, then they’ll tell you “There was a time when blacks couldn’t marry whites.”
(Meanwhile it was democrats who imposed anti-miscegenation laws.)

But I’m the sell out.

Which brings me to my band. And I really hope ya receive this. 20 lb Sledge is a hard rock band of four black guys. (Well, three now until we find a new singer.) But it’s a band that holds a christian conservative world view, and doesn’t butt hurt about America, the rich, and the white man, and the republicans, etc.

This is a very DIFFICULT project to build, because considering that over 90% of the voting black community are democrats it has always made finding players for this band very difficult.

It’s bad enough that musicians are typically leftist, but add that to the fact that most of the voting black community votes democrat, well…You can see how finding players for 20 lb Sledge has always been a big challenge.

Also putting out want ads for players is very difficult. It doesn’t come off as very appealing to put out ads for musicians like “WANTED singer for band. Must be black.”

Admittedly It looks racist. We get white people responding to our ads sometimes saying, “they could do the job to, what does it matter that they’re white?”

It’s an uncomfortable search and it’s uncomfortable for people to try to help with the search.

But y’all this is one of those things where too many people won’t get it until they actually see it. They really don’t understand the objective or the process.

But I’m going to try to explain it.

Those of you who are familiar with my work know that we have to be able to get the message into more of the culture.

Y’all, if I can’t even demonstrate that I can connect these ideas with just four black men, how can I expect to connect these ideas with a community?

I hope you have noticed that I do not promote 20 lb Sledge as a Black rock band. I trust that you’re not dumb and you can see for yourself that we’re black. We don’t have to point it out to you.

The point is, despite liberals wanting to always have this “conversation” (which is really them demanding the opportunity to yell at people about their butt hurt)

20 lb Sledge isn’t about talking. We’re about doing.

Liberals complain about stereotyping and pigeonholing and being put in a box.

Meanwhile they’ll berate those who don’t abide by such stereotypes to be authentically “fill in the blank.”

20 lb Sledge stands in defiance of the liberal narrative, by example, not by talk.

Blacks are supposed to like only certain types of music, think a certain way, talk a certain way, walk a certain way, eat a certain way, vote a certain way, date a certain way, and are being more and more made to feel they’re not supposed to worship the so called white man’s God. (Even though Jesus was a middle eastern Jew)

20 lb Sledge stands in defiance of all this. This is why the band has black members. It has nothing to do with being afrocentric. It has nothing to do with rejecting whites.

It’s about walkin’ it not talkin’ it. It’s about being part of the example that says, don’t let people put you in a box, because that effect is why many blacks feel trapped and boxed in the inner cities.

Get out of that box that the liberal narrative has segregated your mind to and be free!!!

So we can just be AMERICANS!

Y’all if I can’t even show that example with my own band then I’m fooling myself and you that we can connect conservatism to the black community.

There’s actually quite a few in the black community who are open to conservative ideas! but they’re afraid of the backlash.

That’s why we do what we do so they can feel more confident to be open with their embrace of conservative ideas!

This is why it’s so disappointing that more conservatives don’t get this or aren’t more supportive.

And if I can’t get conservatives to show that they’ll promote four black guys taking arrows for promoting Christian conservatism, how can I show that conservatives can actually introduce ideas and policy in the inner city?

I don’t expect y’all to support music you don’t like. But it ain’t about the music. It’s about supporting the messengers who are delivering the message you’re not.

Too many conservatives just want red meat politics but really don’t understand the cultural importance of supporting how the messages are delivered.

“Zo Run for political office! I’d support you”! NOOOO! If you really want to support me support me with this!

These people don’t need another politician. They need cultural agents to get in and break the brain chain shackles that the democrats have kept on them.

I’ve been trying to operate in stealth and not make my objectives known, but it’s like conservatives just don’t get what I’m doing, or don’t care because it doesn’t seem political enough to them while not understanding that their political representation will continue to weaken until they strengthen cultural representation.

And I don’t want to broadcast my objectives for liberals to see it so they can trash it before it scratches the surface.

20 lb Sledge has lost two singers. The 1st singer, Eli, got it. He loves God, and is thankful to be an American, and is probably one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, but he’s not a singer. He just dosen’t have it vocally, and didn’t do the work necessary to achieve it. We couldn’t depend on him to sing the songs in key and effectively connect with the crowd.

The 2nd singer, Shawn, got it too but he lost it. He became arrogant, and his arrogance out weighed his talent. He was missing verses, and wasn’t training his voice to have the stamina to do the job. He put more energy into blaming us and everything else and making excuses for his questionable performance instead of working on improving. He became a liability. Anybody who listens to us deserves the best we can give, and he didn’t seem to share the same attitude.

I’ve already tried to train up singers for the job. I was blessed to be able connect Christian conservatism with them. Eli (The 1st singer didn’t really understand republican policies when I met ‘em. He sees it now, and sees that the platform is more liberating according to Biblical liberation, and that democrat policies are oppressive.

But we still need a Christian conservative who is a pro level singer. We can’t really do “on the job training” anymore. But with Eli I’ve a planted a seed and hopefully that will spread in his circle of influence.

We need to find a singer who can and will do the job. Yes, we’re looking for a black singer. I hope you can understand why now. This isn’t about me or my band wanting to be rock stars. If it was, we could have banded up with whomever to go out and sing about whatever to make it. Which is often sex, drugs, violence, butt hurt, etc. That stuff sells.

But that’s not how we roll. We’ve endured apathy from too many conservatives who just want politics, and we’ve endured scorn from liberals who just want us to conform to their narrative.

We’ve taken the hard road to show that our concern is to be an example that you don’t have to be shackled to a narrative, so we can enjoy the God given gift of being Americans. So we’re definitely not sell outs.

Please share this. We need to find a singer. We want to help revive our republic, and ignite the true meaning of being One nation under God, and help point that nation to His Kingdom.

I’m so thankful to our Sledgers who do support us! We are trying to get back on the road to Sledge in your town, but it has to be with a singer who will really deliver the goods!!!

Some ask, why don’t I sing? I don’t have the passion to sing. This project has to have a person who’s passionate about singing. Every player in it has to have a passion for their position!

Thank you for reading!

Sledge On.

Singer needed: Black Male between ages 24-45 vocal versatility ranging from gospel to hard rock. Christian and conservative. (He may be in your church!) we’re in L.A. County. CA
Please send any videos of performing to

Thank you!!!


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