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Trump’s Transgender Answer Needs Flushing

Too many “conservatives” have abandoned standards. I was listening to Donald Trump respond to Bill O’reilly’s question about putting transgender restrooms in His businesses.

The 1st cop out answer. “Uhhhh. I would leave that to the states.” Naive people say this. Because that’s followed by it becoming federal anyway. Same sex marriage was supposed to be a state’s issue too.

2nd cop out answer. “It would be too expensive to do, and the people are more concerned about more important things like jobs”

Ummmm. The reason why it would be expensive, Donald is because you would have to hire people to do it. WHICH MEANS JOBS! You would have to buy the materials to do it which means money for jobs.

It’s not the right job to do, but if jobs was your concern you just ruled out jobs.

Trump Ducked behind the Jobs angle instead of standing on principle and contradicted himself in the process.

Instead of letting other people dictate to what we have to deal with, they need to take their own so called advice and deal with their confusion instead of forcing other people to say they see Five lights when there’s really four. Help them yes. Get dragged into their confusion, no.

Donald Trump talks tough about how he’s gonna stand up to ISIS and China, and he can’t even stand up to men who want to use the ladies room.
He can’t even solidly say he’d keep men out of the ladies room, but you believe he’s gonna keep out Ilegal immigrants from entering the country?
Ok. This is going to get worse

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