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Sinisturbia. Coming Soon! Yet, We’re Kinda Already Living In It.

Super blessed to have such creative friends working hard to help bring this to fruition! Thank you all so much for using what He gave you for His Kingdom and for the republic He blessed us with. Thank you for being part of this very small tribe of artists who are still prepared to stand against a legion of artists who use their influence to despise God and the republic He gave us. Thank you so much to y’all who support our efforts with this! We are trying to get this completed by mid October. With your support we can! Hope you’ll be a God send to us! It would be easier for everybody to volunteer if this weren’t time sensitive and we could piece this together sparingly, but because time is so short before the election it requires jumping on it right now with the possibility of taking off from work, cost of travel – as some are commuting up to three hours one way, cost of baby sitters, cost of feeding the cast and crew, etc. Hope we can count on your contributions! I use Cornerstone Payment systems, a Christian Patriotic company! I understand that many did not want to contribute through Paypal or through certain crowdfunding sites because of their support of some leftist ideologies. I hope cornerstone will be a more suitable medium for ya!


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