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Guide: Arguing Against Abortion

So, you oppose abortion but you don’t have a good argument other than, “I feel…” I’m here to help you out with this problem. You want to stop being silenced but you need an argument that makes sense to as many people as possible. Your goal: to make converts to your opinion or to make people feel awful for not agreeing with you. After all the opposition has been doing this to you, don’t pretend like you’re surprised I knew that.


Step 1: Know your audience

Know your audience

Knowing your audience and what is most likely to rip their heart out is extremely important. Abortion is an incredibly difficult discussion to have without someone getting emotional; you may as well play it to your favor. That means if you aren’t talking to someone who is a Christian it’s best to keep scripture to yourself. Pulling scripture on someone who doesn’t value it is a fast way to start mockery and have the discussion derailed. If they are making fun of you for your faith, you are failing to make them feel like an accessory to murder.

On the flip side, if they are Christian feel free to drop verses on them until they submit. There is a large portion of the pro-life crowd that is religious and for a good reason. I shouldn’t need to elaborate on the easy argument here. Go get ’em tiger.


Step 2: Force them to concede points on science

You’ve identified your audience, congratulations! The bad news: you have to take the base for your morals, which is your faith, and bench it. It’s all because this is some hipster millennial who wears a beanie all year and refuses to eat anything that isn’t organic. Hit him where it hurts, right in the science. This is the standard opener you’ll hear, “A fetus isn’t a human yet therefore it doesn’t matter.”   This is the easiest rebuttal you get hands down. Pull out your smartphone and Google, “When does human life begin?

Invariably the next response is something akin to, “It’s just a ball of cells until [subjectively chosen point] so it’s not the same as a baby.” At which point you can Google “Multicellular Organism,” or point out that the hipster is as well, no matter how ridiculous they look.

From here the discussion usually becomes a discussion of rights and you have a few different paths you can take. A good philosopher to use to defend morality in a non religious manner is Kant. “God given rights,” or rights that are axioms are great tools for the discussion. Dress them up as “natural” or “human” rights and watch the hipster squirm under the pressure of one of their favorite phrases being used against them. Again, be careful with referencing God to the heathen because they don’t care and are watching for every opportunity to hang you out to dry for being a crazy religious person. Don’t give them the chance to fall into a “genetic fallacy,” that they can try to hide behind.


Step 3: Rights

Now the part that is easy to get lost in starts: Whose rights are more important?

For me it’s rather simple. If it is a human life, it has human rights. Well Google told us that it is in fact a human life. Ok now that we’ve established that it has rights my Libertarian flares a bit with the use of the Non-Aggression Principle. Has the child done anything to warrant their death? In almost all cases that would be a “no.” The only situation where it wouldn’t be a “no” is when the life of the mother is being endangered by the child’s presence. Since this is virtually zero percent of pregnancies in the US, it would effectively be an outright ban on abortion to implement these ideas as policy. Notice I did not include things such as convenience, financial status, whim, or even the big one rape.

You’re an awful person for implying that someone should have to carry a rape baby to term!

I see you’re a bit dense. I’ll hold your hand through this one though. Did the baby go back in time and hold a gun to their mother’s head while the father went to work? I didn’t think so. Am I saying that the mother should have to raise the child? No, adoptive services exist for a reason. We know that this system has issues but that is a different discussion entirely. In respect to solving the problem of women getting pregnant from rape, doing a better job at preventing rape seems like a far more effective tool.

If conception mattered legally you would get a certificate of conception instead of the certificate of birth!

First off, you know that is ridiculous because it’s in infeasible. Secondly, we know that a birth certificate doesn’t matter in inconsistent situations. See Kermit Gosnell in this article or any of the various cases where a pregnant woman has been killed. That leaves us to reason being in the womb and the mother making the decision is all it takes to not be murder. On top of that, reasoning that a baby isn’t a human because they are in the womb still is remarkably reminiscent of the argument slave owners made about their “property.”


Remember, know the audience, frame the discussion in your favor, support the rights of the child. Keep fighting!




Here is Alfonzo on parallels between slavery and abortion:


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