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The Democratic Plantation

obamamessiahBack during slavery, a black person was punished for learning to read or write, or for thinking for themselves. They were ordered to keep in step with the other slaves, and if they got out of line, they were beaten and then ostracized and ridiculed. Black people were fed by their masters, and would only be able to eat the leftovers their masters gave them. This is what slave masters did then. This is what Democrats do today.

If a black man doesn’t think like a liberal and support the liberal agenda, they are beaten up by the liberal media and then they are ostracized and ridiculed by others. If a black child excel in school, his black peers bully him and call him derogatory names. We are called names like “uncle Tom”, “coon”, “house n@##er”, etc.

Why do we (as a black culture) allow ourselves to still be treated like we are on the plantation? Why do other blacks get so upset when other blacks decide to think outside of what they are forced to think like? Why do they get upset when we point out the wrongs of this “president”, and the ignorance of the media? Can you not see that the liberal media (and liberals in general) is playing on your ignorance of not knowing history and being too lazy to do research?

At what point will you be tired and fed up of being treated like a slave?


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