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Still Voting for Hillary?


Why will liberals still vote for Hillary?

I find myself unable to fully comprehend, how someone like Hillary, has any support? With the proof we now have, and the level of corruption involved, how can any law abiding citizen even consider a vote for this criminal? Deceit, collusion, crimes, money laundering, and the shakedown of nearly every major bank and corporation, not to mention foreign countries and their leaders. Who is this woman who holds this kind of power?

To fully understand Hillary and her motives, we must examine where she began this life of deceit. Take her mentor, Saul Alinsky, author of, Rules for Radicals. This man, I’ll call him the Godfather of the radical left, became Hillary’s mentor, her guide to becoming the criminal, conniving, power hungry, glutton, that she is today. He dedicated his book to Satan, here is the dedication page:


So why does this not bother your typical left wing radical? Who by the way, is nothing like the Democrats of the past, but is however, who they have evolved into today. This is not your John F. Kennedy Democrat, no sir, this is an abomination that has occurred to the party.  Most of the old-timers haven’t figured that out yet. I guess ignorance is bliss?  They blindly follow, and will vote along party lines, because that is what they have always done.

A small sampling of her crimes:

Despite the fact their candidate is under current investigation by the FBI.  She also misplaced $6 billion from The State Department, runs a ponzi scheme that masquerades as a charity, otherwise known as The Clinton Foundation.  We now know from sources, they actually donate less than 10% of the money they raise.  She and her staff destroyed evidence in a Congressional subpeona, destroyed electronic devices beyond recognition, denies any wrongdoing, but pleads ignorance.  Is that  supposed to make us feel better?  So its acceptable to be careless with National Security, as long as you weren’t aware you were careless, that’s the official excuse anyway.

At what point, how far would she actually have to go, in order to prove to her supporters, that she is the head of what could arguably be the highest level crime syndicate ever in the history of this country? Here is the full list of Wikileaks emails:

Nothing she says is truthful, has anything she has done been for the betterment of the United States?  She has to be told what to say, cannot go off script, or she sounds like a bumbling idiot.  She has to be told to smile and appear likable, has to be given questions prior to an interview.  Do these sound like traits of a leader?  Is she transparent?  Is she honest?  Does she ever do anything out of the kindness of her heart?  The answer to all of these, is a resounding NO.

Even with the media in her back pocket, I have never heard or seen a positive, feel good story, about something Hillary has done.  I find that so perplexing, how could this woman be in public service for more than 3 decades, and there not be multiple stories of her acts of kindness?  Even when she claims to be a champion of women, gays, children, it turns out, the opposite is usually true.

She changes her stance on nearly every political issue; gay marriage, equal pay for women, NAFTA, TPP, abortion, illegal immigration, war, mandates on big banks and corporations.  There is proof of her changing sides on every one of these issues, in addition, committing some of these acts herself, i.e. paying women less than men at her foundation.

Ask your liberal friends, has she done anything that has made the lives of Americans better?  Has she brought about positive change that can be quantified?  Has she been an honest and trustworthy public servant?  Has she been a good ambassador for The United States?  Does she support a sovereign nation?  Does she follow the law?  Does she protect religious beliefs for all Americans?  Does she protect the unborn? Has she protected the lives of Americans working for our Government abroad? Has she been a champion for women, children, minorities or the gay community?

I think you already know the answer, they cannot give you anything, not one thing.  Nor can they give you an answer of yes, to any of the above questions.

For the sake of our country, for the constitution, for our freedom and sovereignty, don’t sit this one out, don’t believe the mainstream media, that it is a foregone conclusion.  Vote for the candidate that is not under FBI investigation, who loves this country, and wants to place the government back into the hands of the people.







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