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Who is At Fault for Evan McMullin? By Chris Rush

evan-mcmullinI remember when I got a Facebook notification in my news feed that some guy by the name of Evan McMullin was joining the presidential campaign. Like many, I rolled my eyes and thought “Wow, really?” “This late in the game?” Who would have known then that he would gain direct ballot access in 11 states, and qualify as an official write-in candidate in another 30 states plus Washington D.C.?

Not only that, McMullin has actually become part of the national conversation; not because he has a chance to eclipse 270 electoral votes, but because he is currently running neck and neck (depending on which poll you read) with Donald Trump in Utah. And for a third party to candidate break through and win the majority in even one state would be a modern phenomenon. Even billionaire Ross Perot could not accomplish this feat during his heavily-funded populist third-party runs back in 1992 and 1996.

Needless to say, millions of people are highly upset with Mr. McMullin and see him as a spoiler to a Trump victory over the queen bee Hillary. Naturally, because it’s 2016, he has received death threats by the thousands. But millions of people will vote for him on the 8th, and the question is…why are they voting for Evan McMullin knowing he can’t win?

The reason why he will receive a respectable percentage of the vote (for a third-party candidate) is people are disgusted with the two major party nominees and want out! They would simply rather vote their conscience and keep their hands clean and away from these two extremely dirty candidates. So the next question is…who is at fault for Evan McMullin’s rise in popularity? Is it Trump? Is it Evan himself? No, it’s the fault of the GOP!

Despite the daily brow beating coming from people like Mike Huckabee, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Dennis Prager, people are not moved by their attempts to shame them into voting for Trump, and many will vote their conscience and cast their vote for Evan McMullin. But ultimately, the Hannitys and Huckabees of the world are not to blame, the GOP is.

Time and time again, we see it is hard to get the base of the party excited about the presidential nominee. And, simply put, in recent times the base has seen these nominees as RINOs (Republicans in name only). From McCain who was a moderate and voted for the $700 billion TARP Bailout just weeks before the election to Mitt Romney, who helped create the Affordable Care Act and flip flopped on many issues we care about.

So here is an idea; instead of wagging your finger at the Christian base and shouting at them to get in line, how about in the future nominating someone we can all be excited about?

The Christian base is the hardest to please when it comes to voting, and they have shown it election after election as millions have sat on the sidelines. I stand behind my long-held analysis that Romney lost largely because he was a Mormon and millions of Christian got up on Nov 8th and couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a man who they believe is in a cult, right or wrong.

See, the masses vote for reasons that are simple and easy to understand, and there’s a good reason for that – they don’t follow politics as closely as you and I do. So even though the Christian base is hardest to please, it doesn’t have to be that difficult to earn their support. If the GOP wants to win the enthusiastic support of the Christian base, here is what I suggest they do:

  1. Nominate a real Christian – not one in name only, but a guy who has a clear history of living it out and is not ashamed to publicly proclaim the name of Jesus Christ. I’m talking about a person with the basic integrity and character the Bible talks about, someone who truly follows Christ. Because real Christians can smell a fake a mile away. So pro tip for the GOP: don’t nominate someone who is a member of a cult, like a Mormon or Jehovah Witness.
  2. Nominate a true conservative – not some guy who claims to be a conservative, “checks all the right boxes”, and votes the right way most of the time – except when that vote might actually advance the conservative agenda, at which point he/she starts making excuses why it can’t be done. No, none of that. Nominate someone who actually believes wholeheartedly in the platform, and has an indisputable record to back it up.


Pretty simple, right? You can and will win a national election if you do these two things, because the excitement of the base will convince many more in the middle to join us…but without this excitement, it’s like pulling teeth between the Right and the Middle.

Since the 2012 election, all I heard is that 20 million Christians stayed home and how bad it was. But my response is…well, don’t run a Mormon and learn from your mistakes. Christians are a peculiar people and though I believe Mormons are not real Christians, they sure stick to principal and together more than the average evangelical Christian, and this is a big reason McMullin is taking Utah by storm.

Since your average Republican is willing to compromise and will vote for whoever is not the Democrat, then your compromise should be with the Christian-base, and the focus should be on pleasing them first. Do this, and you won’t have any problems winning elections.

The irony is that the Christian base is compromising in this election cycle because my guess is that the same people who refused to vote for Romney because he was a Mormon will now vote for McMullin because he is not morally corrupt like Donald Trump.

So next time, let’s learn from the message millions of Christians are trying to send (by staying home or voting third party) and give them someone they can get behind.

God Bless…



Christopher Rush is an author, speaker, evangelist, pro-life activist, and his current book, Another Tornado is Coming, was released in September. Chris is founder of 3 ministries and has a passion for working with inner-city youth and protecting the life of the unborn. This past summer, Chris was an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland for Ted Cruz, representing Minnesota’s 6th District. His current ministry, Allhandsondeck, is a Minnesota-based abortion Abolitionist organization.

Chris may be reached at:





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