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This election is about Restoring the Government


This election is about government corruption, media collusion, the establishment, pay for play, national security, nationalism, and restoration of this great country. It is an unfathomable thought that Hillary Clinton could even be considered for President, let alone be the victor.

If you love this country, value your freedom, traditions, American values and support our armed forces and law enforcement, you have only one choice. The future of this country hangs in the balance, open borders, globalism, refugee importation and the attack of the Constitution, are all on the lefts agenda.

It’s past time to set things right, the majority has awoken from the slumber and is willing to fight for this country. We have all been taken advantage of for far too long. Shamed into keeping quiet, told we are racist, xenophobic, sexist, and all of the other Rules for Radicals labels that the left tries to attach to us to keep us in line. No more, its all been overused, worn out, no one is buying it any longer. It’s the boy who cried wolf syndrome, virtually nullifying these labels to the point where they have no meaning any longer.

We need to put America first, take care of our own citizens, our veterans, our poor. We cannot take care of everyone all over the world any longer. This country is broke, has no business importing more people who have to be taken care of for a lifetime, while offering nothing, and only taking from the system. Welfare is out of control, unemployment is off the charts, healthcare costs have skyrocketed, home ownership is at an all time low. Taxes are choking the middle class, and Clinton wants to raise what is already being robbed from each and every one us.

Its time for common sense, stop illegal immigration, importation of refugees from countries that hate us, repeal the debacle that is Obamacare, stop the debt, fix the trade deficit, rebuild the military, support our law enforcement, and restore the government to work for We the People, as it was meant to.

No more caving to the special interests, lobbyists, Wall Street and the establishment. Term limits must be put into effect. No more career politicians that threaten the balance of power in this country.

Do your duty as an American, vote to fix this broken, rigged system. Do not listen to any of the pundits, or media tomorrow, vote no matter what they are claiming. Six million Republicans sat it out last election because the crooked media claimed it was a forgone conclusion. Do not make the same mistake again, or we will have more or worse than we have had for over 7 years. Do it for the Supreme Court, if nothing else.

Keep Calm and Vote Republican! Drain the Swamp! Let’s do this, fix the government and make Hillary pay for her crimes and put her syndicate out of business for good!


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