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Cowardly Leadership Is Not Christian Leadership By Joseph Parker



To elect Jezebel and then to timidly ask her to consider your concerns is a feeble effort in futility! – Joseph Parker

Joseph Parker Director of Outreach & Intercession

Recently, “An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton” was posted from 25 prominent black Christian leaders. The letter asks that the democratic nominee meet with black church leaders within her first 100 days in office as president to explain how she would address certain concerns that they have about critical issues we are facing in the African American community, including abortion, religious freedom, racism and a few others. This is my response to that letter.

Cowardly Leadership is Not Christian Leadership

After reading “An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton” I can say it is an interesting letter. A sad letter. A tragic letter.

The authors seem to be saying “We are the leaders, so we have to find out which way our people are going so we can get in front of them. Unlike Elijah, we are not trying to boldly confront wicked leadership, and speak prophetically ‘Thus saith the Lord . . .’ Instead, we are simply going to support ‘our’ candidate get into office and hope that she will throw us a bone or two if she is in a good mood.” Cowardly leadership is not leadership at all. It is simply saving face and accomplishing nothing.

If the persons who support this letter were serious about wanting to accomplish the stated goals, I believe a number of things would have been done very differently. First, this kind of letter would not have been presented just days before the election. Second, it should have been made clear to the candidate being addressed that unless biblically based concerns are addressed there will be no support from the African-American community. Finally, the letter would have seriously assessed the candidate’s beliefs and how they stack up next to the Word of God. Promises about the future and past actions clearly make a difference and should have been addressed.

As it stands, you have sent a letter to a candidate who knows she has your support even though she clearly opposes most of the things you are supporting in this letter. And, based on what she has said and done in the past, it is clear she has no intention of changing her opinion on these matters. In fact, she has indicated that she wants to change some of your deeply rooted religious beliefs. In other words, she wants you to be prepared to abandon the Bible as your foundation of truth.

Sometimes so called leadership can do more damage than good if it is cowardly in nature. Real leadership in the Kingdom of God courageously states what the Word of God says, stands on that Word and does not support wicked leadership that clearly opposes it. To elect Jezebel and then to timidly ask her to consider your concerns is a feeble effort in futility! Do we believe in God and in the Word of God or not!

God does not change. God does not take sides. He takes over! Wise people will get on God’s side, stay there, and stand on His Word.

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