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The Negative Effect of Illegal Immigrants



Tonight I watched Geraldo Rivera defend illegal immigrants, by saying they have no negative effect on everyday Americans. They have a negative effect by just being here, it is in fact a crime to enter our border illegally, hence the name, illegal immigrant. Here is a short clip of Geraldo’s defense:

Effect on Education

Where public school is concerned, they have a huge negative impact on the rest of the students attending the same school.  Let’s examine just the number of incoming kindergartners that are non-English speaking.  There are upwards of 51% of illegal immigrant children attending schools in California, Arizona and Texas. The teachers now are required to be bi-lingual, not necessarily better teachers than those that are not bi-lingual, they are applying for the free lunch program, needing special assistance in many cases, they haven’t assimilated into American life or culture. The cost per student and the fact they aren’t contributing to the cost by paying taxes, is in itself a negative impact. I witnessed kids throwing away their lunches, because it isn’t what they like to eat.  They had no respect for property and felt it was acceptable to deface it, there was no respect for authority, they did not want to participate in school activities and no interest in excelling academically.

School programs are cut, physical education, art, music, shop classes, extracurricular activities, because the school can’t afford to fund these programs, because the budget cannot handle the overpopulated classrooms  they have been saddled with.  The American citizens are now effected negatively, my kids did not receive the same education that I did.  The dropout rate has been raised, the graduation rate lowered, students are forced to look elsewhere for extracurricular activities, training, coaches, tutoring.  There is a negative cost regardless of what the liberals believe or want to manipulate you into believing.

Cost to Incarcerate Illegals

Another negative impact is the cost to incarcerate the illegals who are committing crimes against Americans. The burden to the states is staggering, the taxpayers are forced to foot the bill, regardless of the fact they shouldn’t be here in the first place.

Cost of Healthcare

The staggering cost to every American citizen to cover the cost of healthcare for illegals is in the neighborhoood of $4 billion a year, yes I said billion. We are now covering them on Obamacare as well. We were told they would not be eligible, we were told lot’s of things that didn’t turn out to be true.

These are only a few of the reasons we are all negatively impacted by the out of control illegal immigration that is allowed to occur. Once some of these benefits are denied to illegals, they will begin to self deport. There will have to be no mass deportation, it will occur on its own. if they cannot be employed and are not eligible for welfare, food stamps, housing, education, etc… they will go back to their countries of origin.


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