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Trump Selects Senator Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General by Chris Rush

trump-and-sessions-imageIt appears Donald Trump has made his first major cabinet appointment; both Bloomberg and the New York Times report that he has chosen Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. Senator Sessions is a former U.S. attorney, and has been in the senate since 1996. He was also the first U.S. senator to endorse Donald Trump for President.

A few days ago, my boy Ted Cruz met with President-Elect Trump apparently to interview for the AG position. I had mixed feelings about this idea. On the one hand, if anyone could go in and “drain the swamp” over at DOJ, Ted would have been the guy to do it. He would have also been a fierce defender of religious liberty, which of course has been under attack by the left for decades.

In the end, I’m kind of glad Trump decided to go with one of his loyalists over Cruz. Attorney General is one of the most important positions in the Administration, and if Cruz, in the course of carrying out justice (wherever that may lead) would have butted heads with the President, things could have gotten ugly. Cruz still might be up for a Supreme Court nomination, and I have mixed feelings about that too, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Who is Jeff Sessions?

So let’s talk about who this Jeff Sessions guy is and what his appointment might portend for the Trump Administration. As I mentioned earlier, Sessions has been in the Senate since 1996 and was previously a U.S. attorney. He was also nominated for a federal judgeship by President Reagan in 1986. His nomination had to be withdrawn, however; largely because he had previously joked that the KKK was fine “until I found out they smoked pot.”

It was a joke from well over 30 years ago, but you can be sure Senate Democrats will try to use this to once again derail his nomination. I suspect, however, that Trump probably already knows this, and probably doesn’t care. So I expect the nomination to move forward and likely be successful.

The more important question about Sessions is what does his appointment mean for Trump’s agenda? Naturally, I’m skeptical of everything the President-Elect does, because I believe at his core, he is a progressive. That said, there is no fiercer opponent of illegal immigration in the Senate that Jeff Sessions.

Sessions led the conservative opposition to the Marco Rubio-sponsored 2013 immigration reform bill. And last December, even though he was leaning toward supporting Trump at the time, Sessions defended Senator Cruz when he was under attack over his stance on that same bill by declaring “without Ted Cruz, amnesty would have passed in 2013.”

As Attorney General, Sessions will be the chief law enforcement officer in the country. The AG is in charge of the Department of Justice, and decides which laws are enforced, and which are not. For example, I suspect one of Sessions’ first acts will be to terminate all pending lawsuits the DOJ has against states that are simply trying to enforce immigration and election laws. The DOJ also oversees the FBI, which means a new Attorney General could grant the FBI much greater leeway to open and/or expand investigations against…those who need to be investigated 😉

So bottom line – I take Sessions’ Attorney General nomination as a positive development. He has been a Trump ally from the beginning, but he also has a solidly conservative record, and will likely restore law and order at the DOJ. Hopefully, Trump’s other picks will be in the same mold as Senator Sessions. We’ll be watching…

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Christopher Rush is an author, speaker, evangelist, pro-life activist, and his current book, Another Tornado is Coming, was released in September. Chris is founder of 3 ministries and has a passion for working with inner-city youth and protecting the life of the unborn. This past summer, Chris was an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland for Ted Cruz, representing Minnesota’s 6th District. His current ministry, Allhandsondeck, is a Minnesota-based abortion Abolitionist organization.

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