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More Hypocrisy From The Left. By Jay McCaney


More hypocrisy from the left. The same people that think that Coward Kaepernick has the right to kneel during the anthem, think that the Christian bakers, Christian flower shop owners, and Kim Davis should submit to the sodomy (LGBT) agenda.

For those who can’t see the blatant war that Demokkkrats have called on CHRISTIANS, then you are truly blind. Demokkkrats know that in order for them to further their socialist agenda, they have to remove any occurrence of Christianity. This is why they are fighting to try EVERYTHING to get Hillary in office….and don’t think for a moment that they won’t exhaust every resource they have (George Soros) to keep the fight and the distractions going on in America.

My questions to you (Liberal-leaning Christian) are:

• How can you justify your faith in Christ, and support a party that is blatantly anti-Christ?

• How do you let people manipulate you (because of your skin color/gender/finance), and can’t see that the father of lies is the one pulling the strings?

• How can you turn your back on the 3,500 babies that die daily by an organization that is supported by DEMOKKKRATS, but yet you can go to church and ask God to give you a new car?

• How can you truly believe God is blessing America, but yet you support the division that obama has caused for the last eight years?

I’ve said it before. If you can excuse the murder of babies in the form of abortion, then you can excuse anything that contradict your lust of the flesh. I submit unto you that you are either a babe in Christ, or you don’t know Christ at all. No one can accept the list above, and truly call themselves a Christian.

No man can serve two masters.


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