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The Safety Pin Is For Babies. By Jay McCaney


The hypocrisy of liberals is beyond reprehensible. This safety pin was designed to fasten the diapers of babies, but yet, babies are not listed in the things that the cowards that started this plan to depict the alleged hatred of Donald Trump.

Liberals talk about how they will “listen” to those who “feel threatened” by conservatives, but will not talk about how they threaten babies in the womb of the mothers that carry them to the tune of 3,500 babies a day. They won’t talk about how they threaten the innocence of little girls because they support grown men going into the same bathroom/locker room as little girls. They won’t talk about how they threaten Christians with throwing them in jail because they (Christians) don’t support their abominable agenda.

Christians, if you’re wearing this “safety” pin to support the cause of Socialism/Liberalism, then know what you’re supporting. Know that you are [AGAIN] standing in direct contradiction to GOD. You are rebelling against the Almighty to support an agenda that was developed from the pits of hell. This is what happens when you elevate everything else over God’s righteousness.

It always boil down to who will you choose to serve. You’re either going to serve God, or you’re going to serve the god of this world (Satan).

No man can serve two masters.


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