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What’s Wrong With This Picture? By Jay McCaney

What’s wrong with this picture? The Demokkkrats couldn’t prove:

• What happened to Hillary’s email.
• Any wrongdoings at KKKlanned parenthood.
• Any wrongdoing with the IRS targeting Christian Conservatives.
• Benghazi wasn’t the result of a video.
• A Veteran Affairs scandal.
• Isis wasn’t a “JV” team.

But yet, the Demokkkrats in Congress (and some RINO’s with no backbone) can say (without a shadow of doubt) that “Russia had something to do with hacking our election?

Demokkkrats have lost ALL CREDIBILITY. Not only do democrats support the genocide of the black race, they are also expecting you to buy the lie that they lost the election because of a hacking incident by Russians. If you have a shred of common sense, you (the Democrat) will stop the bus while you can, and get out before it runs off the cliff.

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