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California Lawmakers Support Illegal Activity



California Democrats Introduce a bill to protect illegal immigrants, even when they have been known to commit crimes against citizens of this country. Governor Jerry Brown, will no doubt sign this bill into law. The lawmakers are claiming they want them to have due process prior to being deported. They are committing a crime just being here, where is the question of a crime being committed?  They do not have citizenship, we have no idea who they are. Why is it, Democrats protect illegal immigrants over the citizens who live in their districts?  These city leaders are claiming they will defy a Trump Administration upholding current immigration laws and deportation of criminal aliens:

All major cities in California are Sanctuary cities, why would an American city provide protection from United States Federal immigration laws? Why put citizens at risk with unvetted, unknown criminal backgrounds, unknown health risks, unknown economic effect and allow them to blend in with the population unchecked? Why do the liberals support this practice?
It’s all done in the name of Democrat voters, there is no other possible explanation. The U.S. allows 1 million legal immigrants per year, that is far more than any other country on the planet. Most countries require knowing what benefit the applicant brings to the equation, can they support themselves? Here is a snippet of the Immigration Law in Canada: You cannot become a Canadian citizen if you have recently been or are in prison, on parole or probation or have been charged or convicted of an indictable crime. If you are under a deportation order, you also cannot apply. You must be at least 18 years of age, you must provide proof that you know how to speak and write in 1 of Canada’s official languages (either English or French), Have filed your taxes for at least 4 years during the last 6 years and any income tax you may owe must be paid, Declare that you plan to live in Canada after you become a citizen.

If we instituted these requirements to gain entry into the U.S., and insisted those coming here know our language and are self sustaining, we would all be called racist, and against diversity. This is the argument of the left. To secure our borders is racist. Upholding immigration laws is racist they claim. There is not a single country on this planet that allows illegal immigration/invasion to occur unchecked. Mexico itself will imprison anyone knowingly crossing their border illegally.

I for one, cannot wait for the immigration laws to be followed, border patrol allowed to do their jobs, welfare, Obamacare and any other benefits cut for anyone that cannot prove citizenship, filing of child tax credits by non citizens to be taken away, this is not only legal, it is common sense and will stop the flow coming over the border. Employers should be required to use the E verify system, and if they are caught hiring illegals, they will also face a consequence.  Self deportation will occur once this is has been established.

Looking forward to a sovereign country whose government does its primary job,  ensuring the security of its citizens.

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