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Liberals, please answer these questions. By Jay McCaney


To the liberals. While you’re going with the media’s false narrative on how “Russia interfered with the election”, could you please answer a few questions for me?

• Why haven’t any of the emails (That were exposed) ever refuted?

• If obama knew about the hacks, why wasn’t the FBI aware of this way before the election?

• If the hack was such a serious issue, then wouldn’t it be also equally as bad for Hillary TO HAVE A PERSONAL EMAIL SERVER THAT WAS EVEN LESS SECURE???

Democrats, your messiah has played you like an instrument. He played your emotions like a wife beater. He made you think that he really cared for you, while selling you out.

If you would get your eyes off of the man (obama), then you would definitely see how your party cares nothing for you. They are upset because they lost power. They are mad that they couldn’t deceive enough of you to forget about Hillary criminal activities, and make you vote for her. They truly thought that they can usher in the one-world order with the Jezebel at the helm.

Democrats, you should be thanking God that He didn’t give you what you’ve been crying out for.


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