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Michelle Obama Feels Hopeless?

Most Americans lost hope a long time ago with the election of Barack Obama, not once, but twice. We have had to suffer through some of the worst economic numbers in history, yet Michelle now feels what it is like to lose hope? Where have these liberals been living the last decade? Here is a short list of his accomplishments:

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans are now permanently out of the workforce, and a member of almost every household is no longer working. There are far more Americans living in poverty, receiving government assistance in the form of food stamps, and many other types of welfare. Home ownership is the lowest it’s been in 51 years, despite the extremely low interest rates being falsely manufactured by the Federal Reserve. Low petroleum prices and low interest rates are a sign of a struggling economy.

The Affordable Care Act has turned out to be anything but affordable. With this mandate, those who cannot afford to pay the skyrocketing premiums, are faced with the choice of a fine if they opt out, or suffer sometimes in excess of 100% increases in their healthcare premiums. Many of those forced to choose, were happy with their insurance prior to this mandate. Now, not only are people struggling to pay their own premiums, we are now covering the cost of illegals to receive healthcare, and California has drafted a bill to offer Obamacare to illegal immigrants.


I fail to see where the majority of Americans were not already feeling hopeless, and that it was a direct result of an outsider like Trump, being elected by the hopeless.

Perhaps Michelle Obama’s hopeless feeling, is due to watching everything her husband wrote into law, being systematically taken apart?? While the rest of us are cheering for it to occur.

Jennifer Wright
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