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Christmas Morning in a Jewish Home By Monty Morton


I love this time of year. It’s a sliver of the year, noting it’s end, yet with a convergence of good cheer to our non Jewish friends, the celebration and remembrance of Chanukah, and of course, a New Year. No, there are no Christmas ornaments or trees in my home; our celebration is Chanukah, which by the grace of the Jewish calendar began last night.

Prior to my retiring, I always took the last two weeks of the year to emotionally and mentally slow-down. It’s a time I thought about the things I might have failed at, hoping for improvement, and looked to the New Year as a time I might achieve some success. For me, it wasn’t about Resolutions, it was about results.

Nothing has changed since I started working at age 13. Yes, I am much older; have trouble tying my shoes, but my self-reflection remains. And this Christmas morning is no different, with one exception: A lingering question I have of my fellow Jews who have supported Obama for the past 8 years? Click here to read more

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