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California Decriminalizing Underage Prostitution SB 1322


Contrary to what liberal lawmakers want you to believe, and what will deny to be true, just the act of decriminalizing (the act of ceasing to be illegal), does legalize the act of underage prostitution in California. Splitting hairs to call it decriminalizing, rather than legalizing, is more legal mumbo jumbo. If you cease to make something illegal, you are making it legal. Minors will no longer face charges for soliciting.

Read the changes to the law in this link:


This is the attempt by the left to minimize sex trafficking and abuse of minors.  Do California Democrats not see any way this could possibly be exploited?  So let’s “decriminalize it, so that those committing the act, cannot be abused??  This sounds a little bit like a drug addict blaming the dealer for supplying them with their fix.  Zero responsiblity!

SB 1322, in actuality, bans police officers from charging minors with prostitution. Law enforcement officials will be able to take minors into temporary custody, but only under limited circumstances, including if there is an imminent threat to their lives.  Ask yourself, why would they even bother, when there is no crime being committed?  The offender, will be free to continue, as soon as they can be right back out on the street.

So the minors, who are allowed now to loiter, solicit and engage in sexual acts, will not share in any responsibility for their crimes (non crimes now).  There is no doubt that some, are victims of  traffickers or abusers.  But, to assume all underage prostitutes are victims, is like saying all drug addicts are victims of their dealers.

This law reminds me a little of the famous comment made by Nancy Pelosi with regards to Obamacare,  “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”.

So I guess only time will tell how the pimps, traffickers and prostitutes will exploit this new law,that makes it impossible for law enforcement to crackdown on the act.

Jennifer Wright
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