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What About The Content of the DNC Emails?


Regardless of where the leaked emails came from, and Wikileaks, Julian Assange, has verified they did not come from Russia, still the liberal narrative is that Russia hacked the emails and therefore inserted themselves into the election. There is no proof that Russia played any role in effecting the election, yet Obama has used an Executive Order to remove 35 diplomats out of the country and to close 2 Russian compounds. Again, no proof has been offered, but the media is accepting the administrations claim to be true, despite no research or investigation uncovering such a claim.

Notice there is no news or outrage of the content of these emails and the level of deception, election fraud, pay for play, illegal activity, and colluding with news agencies, that are clearly written right in the messages.  No one in the left leaning mainstream media, is even concerned with what is in the emails.  The proof of the corruption by the DNC to steal the election from first, Bernie Sanders, and then the failed attempt to steal it from Donald Trump.  The emails are riddled with information, proof of the collusion and corruption on the part of the Democrat party is evidenced in many of the conversations.

Why is no one being held accountable?  Regardless of where this information came from, who cares who leaked them, it doesn’t take away the fact that there were definite crimes being committed, collusion being committed, and on and on.  The fraud and deception are alarming, the entire party was complacent with what was occurring, and seemed to write off on it.

It is my hope, that once January 20th rolls around here in the next few weeks, that there may be an investigation to the practices of the Democrat party, their illegal and corrupt activity, and the effect it had on the election. I am much less concerned with the idea that Russian hackers were able to infiltrate the DNC, but more interested in the content that was exposed.

The hacking does not nullify the content! Drain the Swamp! Make America Great Again! Happy and Prosperous 2017!

Jennifer Wright
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