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The Zo Loft : NAACP Nags Sessions and Rebecca’s Strange and Fruity Demands.

The left contributes to show that they’re in the Twilight Zone! The NAACP has been hijacked by democrats when it was founded to oppose the bigoted policies and actions of democrats. Now they’re harassing Jeff Sessions. On top of that, Rebecca Ferguson wants to sing strange fruit at a Trunps inauguration. Even though democrats were the ones that were doing the lynching! If you think that there should be a Twilight Zone like Satirical series illustrating left wing absurdity then please support my efforts to produce more SINISTURBIA videos like the one below! Please watch like and share! Help make it go VIRAL so more folks can see, and hopefully support!!! Thank you!!! Hey, since your here, hope you’ll contribute too or purch’ some merch!



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