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Why Are Boys and Men Advertising Women’s Products?

Gender confusion is a PC term.


So the fashion industry feels it necessary to  use males to sell feminine products to women? Are there not a phethora of beautiful women any more to do this job, that has been done for centuries? Now we need men to show us what beauty is? Case in point, Maybelline just decided to follow in the footsteps of Covergirl, and use a male model to advertise make up and beauty products. Who knew we needed to strive to look like men who want to look like women?


Now don’t get me wrong, to each his own. But, if I am to understand correctly, men have been doing this for a long time, despite being the ones donning the products for the public’s consumption. This is not mainstream, as much as people like to consider themselves open minded or tolerant. What message are we sending the youth that views these ads, and strives to be what they see in advertising? As if young girls don’t have enough to compete with, now it’s beautiful boys too?

We even have celebrity children advertising girls clothing, as if there aren’t enough girls for the job.  Case in point, Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith seen in an ad below.  Is this adding to the gender confusion that this generation seems to be suffering from?


It is believed that an estimated 1.4 million adults in the United States, or .6% of the total population, identify with a gender that does not match their birth sex.  That is a miniscule amount of the population, and would be considered a fringe lifestyle.  Yet, the media and beauty industry would lead us to believe this is mainstream.

Children are not born with a gender, they are born with a sex, it is binary, male or female.  The confusion is not physical, it is sociological, in the mind.  The confusion as it is, is caused by perceptions and relationships, just to name a few.

It is normal for young children to play with toys of both genders, to be interested in clothes for both genders, that does not change their sex, or mean they are confused.  Their awareness of their gender forms over time, and can be derailed by an adverse experience.  However, this does not change their identity to a different sex.  They biologically are male or female.

Choosing to blur this line, and use the term gender confused to explain why one feels they are or feel the opposite sex, is considered a mental disorder, and trying to normalize it, and cause children to think they get to choose what sex they are, is very damaging to their psyche.  The PC police are the ones that coin the term “gender confused”.  This is not a medical term, and is not used by the Academy of Pediatrics.

It will be interesting to see if the beauty industry sees an increase in sales by using males to promote the female products to females.  I guess time will tell.  I can tell you  without hesitation, it does not cause me to want to run out and purchase the products that look good on the male models.  I would imagine this is having the same effect on the boys who see this trend as well. We have definitely seen an increase in the demasculinizing of men, sissification if you will.

It’s ok to accept girls as girls and boys as boys.  All of this don’t use, he, she, man, woman, boy, girl, is ludicrous!  I’m ready for common sense to take over the United States again and for people to stop being afraid to speak their minds for fear of being labeled a sexist, racist, mysogynist, Islamophobic, just by stating their opinion.


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