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Liberals Feel So Defeated, they Hope For Failure


Have you noticed how social media sites are riddled with liberals hoping for the worst, Trump is going to start war, ruin the economy, claiming they are just waiting for Trump to fail?  Those are comments I can actually write, without having to censor the foul language and hate that they spew.  What happened to the “Party of Tolerance”?  Were they ever what they claim?  I have not seen anything tolerant about liberals, especially the progressives that are the Democrats of today.  They hate free speech, they cannot tolerate  hearing something that offends them, which is anything that is opposite of their opinion.   Have they always been this whiny, woe is me, negative, intolerant, crybaby, afraid of their own shadows?  Or have they taken it to an all new level?  Perhaps its a combination of both, but I must say, it is very unbecoming and to watch and it actually disgusts me.

I used to be able to have civil conversations with friends or acquaintances of the “other” party.  No longer is that the case, I cannot remember the last time I spoke to a liberal, where they actually remain civilized, their head doesn’t spin around and they quote mainstream media labels.  You are racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, this is always their retort.  Once again, all negative, and the interesting part is, they are the ones that are normally all of those labels they cast on those of us, who don’t buy into their liberal logic.

Research has actually proven liberals are far less tolerant than conservatives, check this link to see the research data

It’s harder for Clinton supporters to respect Trump backers than vice versa

The claim that Republicans or Conservatives are racist for expecting voters to carry ID and show their ID in order to vote, actually prove once again the party of racism, is still the Democrat party, watch this video:

As Americans, regardless of party affiliation, why would anyone want our President to fail? Even though the last several elections have not been who I supported or voted for, I still wanted a positive outcome for the country, why would I want our President to fail? Let’s all agree, the last decade has unfortunately proven to have been a fail for the majority of Americans, consider the statistics that we all know to be true, regardless of what the Mainstream media and the Democrats would like us to believe. But not once, did I hope for failure, want to prove that the person I did not support could actually make our country more weak, our economy and stability in the world to be fragile? Yet, that is exactly what liberals are hoping for, failure.

I find it very disturbing, and concerning, that so many Americans hope that the worst will happen in the coming years, so they can prove all of us wrong, and take some kind of pleasure in the demise of the country? I fail to recognize anything even remotely righteous or honorable about taking a position like that. Perhaps with the positive changes that will be made, and restoring common sense into our governing, they will have a change of heart. Although, I’m not holding my breath…

Jennifer Wright
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