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BORED OF THE USA! – By Sonja Schmidt


Is it just me, or is anybody else feeling optimistic these days about the future of America?  I don’t know if it’s because the dark cloud of the Obama regime (no pun intended) is over, or is it because what I think takes to make this country a better, safer, more prosperous  place may be on the horizon?  Are things perfect? No.  Is they remotely traditional?  Not in the least!   What’s going on with President Trump is wild, and sometimes mind-boggling.  It’s also exciting in many ways, and amusing as heck!  And whether you think I should or not, I sleep better these days. 

On the other hand, many others (aka Liberals)  have become more unhinged as we’ve seen in Hollywood, and Soros’ recent nation-wide women’s march, etc. Handwringing, bomb threats, cussing, and vagina-heads as far as the eye can see… (which would’ve been more amusing if children hadn’t been there).  MY VIDEO – Tips on how they can all do this more productively.

One such celebrity, Bruce Springsteen seems to straddle the fence of both worlds, America and Anti- America.  I don’t get how he’s remained so popular with “the people”.  evanBut my guest, Conservative Satirist Evan Sayet (and world’s biggest Springsteen fan), has given this a lot of thought and shares it in this interview.  Is Springsteen bored of the USA, or just plain hates it?  LISTEN HERE!

 Sonja Schmidt – Hollywood TV Writer/Producer turned Conservative Political Activist/Speaker/Video Blogger, turned Radio Show Host/Blogger of Sofia Unleashed Info-Tainment for 45+  to  live our best lives ever… FINALLY!



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