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The Regressive Left Protests Everything

The Regressive Left is no longer considered Liberal.  Unless you place on the totem pole of oppression, the regressive left has no use for you.  Currently, they consider Muslims to be the number one oppressed group in the United States.  Coming in a close 2nd, are anyone who is non-white.  Hence the reason, we are seeing the protests playing out on a daily basis, since the election of Donald Trump. Placing groups of people who they consider to be oppressed, above any individual, regardless of their standing on the oppression totem pole.

regressive totem

Why would anyone want open borders or unvetted refugees?

Does protesting everything actually accomplish anything?  Why are leftists against keeping the country safe? Would they want to put other countries interests before that of the the American citizen? Don’t leftists value military and law enforcement? The members of this regime, that’s what I consider them to be, seem to place no value on the Republic, being a  sovereign nation.  What about the Constitution, the taxpayer, or the majority of middle America? Why not consider an American, who has lost their job because of a foreign worker doing it for less, or a family who is now having to decide between rent and their mandated insurance, that is no longer affordable?

These zealots do not consider reverse discrimination.   Openly committing racism against the white population, as if racism doesn’t apply to whites. These radicals don’t consider that having an open border puts all Americans in jeopardy.  Have they missed what is happening abroad to nearly every country that has accepted unvetted refugees?  They place no importance on law enforcement, and actually consider them the enemy.  Law and order is clearly not important to them, they place much more value on the perpetrator of a crime, than they do the life of those who protect and serve thier communities.  Have you seen how they ridicule the military?

We can witness these leftists on a daily basis, city to city, protesting everything from;  the environment,  Russia, the Inauguration, keeping the border open to illegal aliens, women’s rights, funding for Planned Parenthood, Trump, the temporary ban of refugees. Choose your poison.  They champion anything, everything, nothing.  Do they realize no one is sympathetic to their plight when they act this way?  They are uncivilized, unruly, violent, vulgar, and I really have to wonder what these people do for a living?  What gainfully employed citizen has time to show up and protest, just for the sake of protesting?  It’s become an excuse for bad behavior, looting, property destruction, attacking law enforcement.  Does anyone view this and say, “Oh, I definitely want to be a part of this culture.”?

What they haven’t considered for a moment, that they are to blame for most of what they protest.  Radical leftists attempt to shut down free speech, speaking engagements at universities, calling people racists, sexist, and all of the other labels that they more than likely are wrongfully condemning someone of.  Apparently they haven’t noticed people don’t like being called names, especially when the claim is untrue.  People are afraid of being labeled, and therefore, keep their comments and views to themselves.  When they show up to the ballot box, they use their voice they couldn’t in public, they voted for the person who doesn’t stand for this phony, regressive, movement.

The polls this entire election cycle were all wrong.  I believe that can be directly attributed to the fact that those who were in fact voting for Trump, kept it to themselves, for fear of being labeled.  This caught the establishment, media, and elites with their pants down, so to speak.

If anyone believed that with the election, this despicable behavior would end, they were sadly mistaken.  The loss has been too much for them to bare, they don’t accept rejection or loss well, clearly.   I attribute some of it to the entitlement generation,  never taught to accept loss, received  participation trophies, were told they were always right, and that everything would be okay.  They are learning a tough lesson in life, everything isn’t free, life isn’t always fair, and someone always has to lose.

In actuality, their anger and resentment lies with their own party and its candidate.  They  have grossly misplaced their displeasure.  Doing so in the way they have chosen to, is only making people realize that they made the right decision and voted for America First and to Drain the Swamp.  Political correctness eventually won’t be tolerated, it’s wearing out any purpose it ever served.


Jennifer Wright

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