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Unhinged? By Jay McCaney


The only people that were “unhinged” at the news conference were the media elites that were exposed for being the liberal lapdogs that they truly are.

CNN (and the rest of the #FakeNews media outlets) have revealed their hatred that they have for ANYONE that oppose their New World Order agenda.

For those who are still watching these people and BELIEVING EVERYTHING THAT THEY SAY, you are the low information voters that they depend on to continue the lies that they speak on DAILY. You have NO EXCUSE for your indolent gullibleness. For you to STILL support liberalism\communism is beyond excusing, but it’s reprehensible.

God has broken the chains that bound you to this world when He paid the penalty on the Cross. You’re the one that keep running back to that plantation and begging for more crumbs when the King of Kings have a feast waiting for you.


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