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Expecting an unbiased education in 2017?

Considering where to send your kids to school?  It is the time of year when the Juniors and Seniors in high school begin their searches, visit universities, submit applications and consider where they will call home during the school year.

Now more than ever, it is evident, the importance of choice, if you do not want your kids indoctrinated by the nearly 60 percent of liberally biased professors, teaching classes at our institutes of higher learning.  These professors are not just liberal, but many are far left, activist, and some are even former convicted domestic terrorists and felons.

Take Kathy Boudin, Columbia University Professor, Co Founder of the Center for Justice, community activist, Weather Underground member, Communist, Terrorist and felon.  She was released from prison in 2003 and is teaching classes at Columbia University, seems unbelievable and absurd, but there she is in all her glory.  If you aren’t familiar with Boudin, see for more details.  She has a gory history.

left wing professors

You may be more familiar with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, he was also a Weather Underground member, community activist, currently married to a fellow domestic terrorist, Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior Bill AyersUniversity Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago (retired). For more on Bill Ayers


These are the type of people that academia celebrates.  You may wonder why in the world an institution of higher learning would want to be associated with such violent and clearly radical individuals.  College and University campuses have become a hotbed of liberal indoctrination.  They are not taught opposing arguments or given tools to develop their critical thinking in order to gather facts and come up with an educated opinion.  Any thought process that doesn’t coincide with the liberal agenda, is shot down, quashed as inconsequential.  Any student who dares defy their logic, can often times find themselves fighting just to hope for a passing grade.  They are literally shutting down free speech.

It is common now for anyone with a conservative mindset to be denied a speaking engagement, bullied into bowing out due to pressure and negative publicity.  They are not welcome on most of the countries campuses.

Case in point, Milo Yiannopoulos at Berkeley a few weeks ago, he was forced to cancel his speaking engagement due to the violent protests on campus.  Not to mention those who purchased tickets, had their names leaked to the public in order to shame or bully them into not attending the event.  Many other well known Conservatives have been met with the same extremist protests to their events on campuses nationwide and been uninvited;  Ben Shapiro, Dinesh D’Souza, Michelle Malkin, to name just a few.  Here is a list if you would like to peruse the others

Why are the liberals so afraid to have conservative minded speakers on the campus?  It’s as if it is a threat to their well being.  Are they afraid the students will learn that what they have been teaching is completely distorted, and many times untrue?  Will they find that they have more in common with the speakers than the professors allow them to believe?

It is time for the parents of incoming students to better qualify the professors who will be teaching the classes at the campus that you and your student select.  Here is a listing of the liberal professors on a watchlist for your review.  Please take the time to check and see who is teaching courses at the  schools you are considering.  Make sure they are receiving a balanced education without fear of retaliation from a radical left professor.  I know you have seen some of the actions by these radicals in recent news reports.  Here is the list complied by Professor Watchlist, it is a comprehensive list of liberal educators at the countries institutes of higher learning.  Click here for more information

Make sure your student does not have this man as a professor:

Be diligent in your school choice and let these liberally biased colleges and professors know we are not going to tolerate this behavior and indoctrination any longer.

Conservative Chick with a Bone to Pick

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