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Lou Engle Issues Urgent Call to Fast After 2 Major Prophetic Signs By Bob Eschliman


Electing President Donald Trump wasn’t the end of our duty as Christians in the United States of America—it was just the beginning of it.

Revivalist Lou Engle, co-founder of The Call, issued a call for fasting and prayer on behalf of our country and our president in a recent piece he wrote for the Elijah List. Referencing the biblical account of Esther, he said we’re at a pivot point in our nation’s history and it is incumbent upon Christians to act as the hinge.

“There are moments in history when a door for massive change opens,” he wrote. “Great revolutions, either good or evil, spring up in the vacuum created by these openings. In such divine moments, key men, women and entire generations risk everything to become the hinge of history—the ‘pivot point’ that determines which way the door will swing.”

Calling the Women’s March on Washington “the first shot across the bow,” Engle wrote that we are now witnessing a “revolutionary rise” against the president, “We the people,” and the “foundational biblical truths upon which our nation was founded.” The second, he added, was the “unprecedented global summons of witchcraft to curse President Trump, his Cabinet and all of those aligned with a biblical worldview.”

“Suddenly, the whole controversy was elevated to a global spiritual dimension, inaugurating a spiritual battle that cannot be won on the playing field of protests and political arguments,” he wrote. “Only the church has the answer to this unprecedented manifestation of witchcraft. Spiritual strategy must be used to overcome this open-faced, brazen challenge of the powers.”

Noting the connection between present-day events and those recorded in the Book of Esther, Engle wrote that we now face a “cataclysmic battle for the soul of our nation,” and that Christians can no longer “live the same way we lived yesterday.” And so, like Esther, he’s calling on us to fast and pray March 8-11.

He wrote:

Recently, two women contacted me and asked me to use my influence to call for a three-day Esther Fast to answer this challenge. Immediately after, I experienced a life-changing

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