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Healthcare, iPhone, Or Call a Friend By C.J. Rachel

Yeah, we’ll see how Republicans asking some Americans to self sacrifice is gonna go over. Because of my very chronic asthma and side effects from treatment I saw my parents being responsible and paying hospital bills, doctor bills, and always making health insurance a priority.
I started out in my own life knowing and understanding I’d need to make health insurance a priority, because I actually needed it! Struggling with the cost of my health insurance along with the medical bills hasn’t been easy. And as the years went on I almost ended up being “uninsurable” due to my preexisting conditions.
My husband and I have paid our hospital bills, doctor bills, procedure bills, lab bills, and not to mention the extremely high cost of a lot of asthma medications. I can say it never occurred to me to force my neighbor to pay for any of these. And yes, without some of these medications I would’ve died. Heck, I almost died a few times with the treatments! And I know people who think it’s justifiable to force their neighbor to pay for their birth control because it’s so expensive.
How did we get here? Too many Americans feel entitled because something costs too much. We already force each other to subsidize our choice to have children, our choice to not have children via abortion and birth control, our choice to buy a house, and now our “choice” to buy health insurance.
We force each other to subsidize a plethora of choices and behaviors through the tax code. So, why not force each other to subsidize phones? It really isn’t fair if a person doesn’t have the money to purchase either a newer iphone or smart phone. After all, don’t we all have a right to communicate? These items can help us get one of those job things, stay in touch with our healthcare providers, etc. We already force each other to subsidize crappier smartphones for the poor people democrats have done such wonders for. But what’s to stop us from subsidizing nicer higher functioning phones?
That’s one of the problems with socialism, we all have different tastes and standards and work ethics. When we tell the government to force our neighbor to pay for our “rights” to certain choices and behaviors then we’re telling the government they’re allowed to have control over us. If the rights we perceive are from government then government can take them away. If they’re from God then they’re self – evident and man cannot take them away without due process and our rights are inherent with us wherever we go. By institutionalizing socialism we’re nullifying our constitution and I pray we wake up before we end up in a civil war again.


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