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A Political Hot Potato: How Educators Train Your Child To Be A Follower By Anita B. Hoge


The political “Hot Potato” is testing what shouldn’t be tested on your children. It is called “Grit”. “Grit” is the new hot potato. Why? Because it is illegal. It is based on the Common Core Social, Emotional, and Behavioral standards that are illegal. This is being done without full disclosure and written informed parental consent.

Parents, the social, emotional, and behavioral aspects of your children are being monitored, evaluated, and CODED. Interventions are being performed without your written permission or consent. Sometimes the names for this are changed to such flowery phrases as mindsets, character development, citizenship, “grit”, or even civics. This tactic effectually catches some parents off guard. Why? Because it sounds so good. Do we really know what is being tested and taught in America’s classrooms? Do you know what data is being collected on your child? Education has moved away from academics. There is now a full focus on personality with teaching and testing. The goal is changing the social, emotional, and behavioral personality traits of your child.

The “whole child” (head, heart, and hand) becomes the focus of the federal government. The recently passed federal ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) is the latest draconian effort to test and teach values, attitudes, beliefs, and dispositions. This was legislated as the new education law in December 2015. The National Governor’s Association (NGA) and Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), who copyrighted the original Common Core which was developed by ACT, added dispositions (“grit”) to the Common Core. Academics play second fiddle – they are diluted, missing, and dumbed down. The ultimate goal is to squash all individualism in America. Parents beware! This falls under mental health. It is psychological conditioning. It also happens to be illegal the way they are doing this on children in the United States.

The goal of the education elite has always been teaching a mindset called the “whole child.” It includes psychological techniques to change a student’s personality. This is part of Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy. The “whole child” means controlling beliefs, feelings, and behavior. When Bloom said that good teaching was challenging a child’s “fixed beliefs” what did he mean? How would this be done? Here is his definition: Click here for full article


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