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The Zo Loft : Does The Shack Creatively Promote Gospel?

In this episode of the Zo Loft I examine the movie, “The Shack”. I also look at the effort to use creative means to promote the gospel and the attitudes towards these means. Please actually listen before accusing me of promoting heresy. Anybody saying that I’m promoting heresy did not listen to the video. The point is to compete with the secular influence of entertainment. There’s no perfect Christian production and we’re poorly supportive in being more prolific with productions. Something is better than nothing and I don’t like it either that certain “Christian” films don’t square as well with scripture. However if we were more supportive of existing efforts and more conversational and constructive with our criticisms it would show that there is a demand for more scripturally sound media that’s equally as entertaining. So I hope viewers will understand this isn’t about me promoting the movie. I’m talking about stimulating the demand and supply of good entertainment based on better understood Biblical basis.

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The Shack

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