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BIG NEWS! “Allhandsondeck 4 steps to end abortion” BOOK RELEASED!

Bookcover-This short 34 page book came out of one day while I was praying for the youth of the city, I felt the Lord speaking to me and saying “Chris, it’s great what you’re doing for the youth, but they’re killing your youth before they even get to you.” During that time, as I was listening to talk radio during the Kermit Gosnell trials, I was hearing about the gruesome details of abortion, and my heart began to break. I was thinking, “is this real? Are we really talking about if it’s legal to snip a baby’s neck?” Over time, as I fasted, prayed, and sought the Lord for this issue, using a red “Life” rubber band as a reminder to pray, I saw in my mind “#Allhandsondeck”. I felt the Lord say that He was calling the whole church (e.g., pastors, janitors, children’s workers, choir members…everybody) to address the issue of abortion head-on, the right way. And if done the right way, we could see abortion end in four years. After hearing this, I began to go on a journey doing an inventory on the pro-life movement and the abortion abolitionist movement. In evaluating the current state of our movement, my conclusion was “something is totally wrong here. In the average year, over a million babies are aborted. If this were an NFL team or a major corporation and they were doing this poorly for this long, someone would end up getting fired, and something would definitely have to change.” Over time, looking at the good and the bad of the pro-life/abolitionist movement, I felt like the Lord gave me four simple steps on how we can see abortion end.   FREE DIGITAL THROUGH WEBSITE:

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Abortion has been legal in America for well over a generation. And during that time, nearly 60 million babies have been slaughtered and deprived of their fundamental, God-given right to live. Clearly, something needs to change. We need a fresh vision and a new plan of action to put an end to this atrocity. In this book, we lay out a simple, four-step plan that, once implemented, can end abortion in a surprisingly short period of time. Please read this with an open heart and consider what God is calling you to do personally to take up this fight.

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Christopher Rush chris-rush-pictureis an author, speaker, evangelist, Chris is founder of 4 ministries and has a passion for working with inner-city youth and protecting the life of the unborn. His current ministry, Allhandsondeck, is a Minnesota-based abortion Abolitionist organization.

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