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Maxine Waters Steaming Over “Disgusting Disrespectful Trump”

I'm Finna Get 'Choo, Donald Chump!

I’m Finna Get ‘Choo, Donald Chump!

Maxine Waters says, “I’ve never seen anyone more disgusting or as disrespectful as Donald Trump.”

Now isn’t that the Crackpot calling the kettle black?

It’s like Mumra with lipstick and a James brown wig standing in front of a mirror saying “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fiendiest of them all.”

(But never get’s the answer because Mumra can’t stand the reflection of such wickedness.)

Trump’s failures have done more for people than Maxine Water’s successes.
Even Trump’s failures meant folks  had a job for a little while and could be independent.

The ideals of Waters keep people in a state of dependency.

They chase jobs away from the state.

Maxine Waters is a tax troll. Her interest is not in helping the poor. Her interest is harassing the rich.


Because she’s addicted to the thrill of the power trip.

She loves it that the poor that her policies have kept in a state of arrested development keep electing her.

She loves it that they’re kept too ignorant to realize that it’s people like her who keep them from advancing.

She rolls in them thinking that she’s going to make their life better by making life miserable for the rich.

She slanders the affluent, demands they be punished, and makes it difficult for them to have hiring power.

And people who keep electing Maxine Waters think she wants them to be successful?


So she can slander and punish you with taxes and regulations too?!

Maxine Waters calling somebody disgusting is definitely trying to pull the splinter out of somebody else’s eye, when she needs to yank that plank out of her own. – Matt 7:5

She’s wasting time and resources going after Trump. Why?

For a very simple reason. If his policies prevail, her voters won’t be under her dependency spell.

Trump Tower will have fallen on the Wicked Witch of the West Coast.

She has to make him out to be a sexist so women will be heated with resentment and use that resentment to be more determined to screech to keep abortion “legal”.

Maxine Waters has no respect for life. She has no respect for people having the right to protect their lives, as she is an enemy of the 2nd amendment.

She has no respect for people advancing their lives as she keeps government in the way of their right to pursue happiness.

She’s been in congress since 1991. Mrs. Waters herself is proof that she doesn’t solve anything because she’s still yammering about the same problems.

But she’s dependent on these problems.
She doesn’t want these problems to go away because she’s dependent on these problems of the people so she can use them to sell the people on being dependent on her to solve them.

How is she going to solve them?

She’s going to make the Have Nots feel good, by making the Have’s feel bad.

And she figures that her voters are really going to be in hog heaven if she can make Trump’s life bad.

As if that’s really going to change their lives that were miserable long before Trump was president.

Too bad they haven’t put two and two together to notice that policies like her’s that have been in play long before Trump was president are more likely the culprit for their lack of prosperity.

This is not a blind swipe at Waters. She’s a company and culture crippling collectivist and a slip of the tongue socialist.

She’s strangely all of a sudden vilifying the Russians while she wants their same statist policies to rule over the people and industry here.

I’m cool with Russian folks, but I for dang sure don’t want their policies taking over here like Waters does. Maxine Waters is a disgusting deceiver whose slanderous strategy is to stigmatize other people to distract people away from her evils. She is the one who is disrespectful as she has no respect for the God given rights of people. She is a statist who assumes to lord over the little people – keeping the government in their way while thinking she’s a better person for it. Sadly, too many people buy it.


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