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Comey Pointing Weiner at Hillary

Well, well, well. Huma Abedin was forwarding Hillary Clinton’s  emails to Anthony Weiner who likes to email pictures of his… Weener.

So, we right wing nut jobs really aren’t imagining or making this stuff up about the emails and private server, right? But I know the routine. It is undeniably real, but it’s our fault and we set her up.

Anyway, to Hillary there’s nothing wrong with the Secretary of State having “one device” for messaging.

Like a typical democrat, convenience is king.

Remember folks, democrats put such a high premium on convenience that they’ve made it legal to kill a pre-born kid for inconveniencing them.

To them there’s nothing wrong with that.

So you can see how Hillary doesn’t see how what she was doing was wrong even though she was compromising national security and acting unethically for the supposed  sake of her convenience.

Usually ignorance of the law is no excuse for the rest of us common folk, but when it comes to the white democrat privilege of Hillary Clinton there’s an exception.

You can’t run a red light and use the excuse that you didn’t know it meant stop.

But Hillary can get away with this?

Hillary be like,

“Whether it was from a private server or not, or from one device or multiple devices, What difference does it make.”

Her attitude is that, if she doesn’t see anything wrong with it, then there isn’t, so you can’t indict her intentions.

I reckon we can now just go do unethical stuff and say we didn’t know it was wrong and get a pass!

(By the way. This is the woman married to a dude who splits hairs over what the definition of “is”, is.)

This is a woman whose campaign staff was receiving emails from Donna Brazille on Democratic primary town hall questions. Brazil was called on it repeatedly, she lied about it repeatedly, but has since come clean. (Again. See? We’re not crazy.)

The emails that are able to be read include emails from Attorney General Loretta Lynch providing assurances that Attorney General Lynch would protect Clinton by making sure the FBI investigation quote, “didn’t go too far.”

During a hearing, Comey kept refusing to answer Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) on the grounds of the forum being inappropriate for this classified content.

Which pretty much tells me there are condemning details.

Has Comey been coached by Lois Learner or something?

Comey is in denial about Hillary.

Thousands of emails but no intent of wrong doing?

Try that excuse with leaving a dog in the car on a hot day with the windows up while saying you were only in the store for a moment.

Comey also said there was the choice between speaking out or concealment.

He said “Speaking out would be bad, but concealment would be catastrophic.”

Why would concealment be catastrophic if there was no bad intentions?

But here’s what’s even more sad, these democrats aren’t even angry about Hillary’s email issue. They’re not even thinking about trying Hillary or even Anthony “The Wacky Worm” Weiner.

The one they want to burn at the stake is Comey for effecting the elections with this investigation! That’s how twisted these liberals are.

They’re so snatched up in knots with denial they can’t see that their corruption cost them the election, not the Russians.

Their poor sense of values and belligerence cost them the election, not Comey.

But hey! I reckon we can thank Comey for helping to spare America from this nightmare! Watch and share this satirical video on Hillary Clinton!


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